Devil May Cry 5 – How To Finish Hell And Hell/ Highway to Hell Trophy

Devil May Cry 5 Complete Hell And Hell Mode Highway To Hell Trophy

Devil May Cry 5 has arrived and it brings a completely new story, weapons, skills, characters and more to make the game more fun and interesting.

The new iteration brings six different difficulties namely Human, Devil Hunter, Son Of Sparda, Dante Must Die, Heaven or Hell, and finally Hell and Hell.

How To Finish Hell And Hell Difficulty/ Highway to Hell Trophy In Devil May Cry 5

The Hell and Hell is the highest and most difficult game mode in the game. the rules in this mode are almost ridiculous and would require high skill and patience to complete it.

In Hell and Hell, you will die in 1 hit from any enemy. the checkpoints are disabled, and you will only get 3 revives per mission.

So below you will find a guide, on the strategy you can use to complete the Hell and Hell difficulty and unlock the Highway To Hell Trophy.

How To Complete Hell and Hell Difficulty Mode

You need to know that it is going to be very difficult and would really require some practice. but there are some things which can make things easier for you.

The first thing you need to do is always equip Infinite Devil Trigger. you can do it by equipping the Original costumes which can be unlocked by completing the Dante Must Die difficulty.

But there is a slight problem the Infinite Devil Trigger reduces the rank by -80%. so if you are trying to unlock “Worthy Of Legend” Trophy then it will be problematic. as this trophy requires players to complete all missions with S rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell.

Character’s Abilities To Use To Make Thing Easier

Nero – to make your gameplay easier with Nero you will need the Ragtime Devil Breakers. its special abilities slow down time which can help you finish off enemy easily and quickly. so make sure that you have a high amount of Ragtime stock up in the slots of Devil Breaker.

You can try also try using the Rawhide which has the widest attack range. but it is still a bit inferior when compared to Ragtime.

V – Using him should be fairly easy as he mostly uses ranged attacks with the help of creatures and demons.

The best strategy would be to use V’s promotion skill which lets you mount the Nightmare. this way you won’t get hit. you can also increase the damage of the Demon by buffing them with L2 + Triangle and L2 + Square on PS4 and LT + Y and LT + X on Xbox One.

Learn Enemy Patterns

Finally, you need to know about the enemy attack patterns. this would help you avoid enemy attacks and also know when to attack. the Son of Sparda will be the best mode to practice for Hell and Hell.

As enemies in Hell and Hell will have 400% health, same spawns, and same attack speed which is similar to enemies in Son Of Sparda the only difference is that any enemy can one-shot you.

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