Devil May Cry 5 – How To Change Devil Breaker/ List Of All Devil Breaker

Devil May Cry 5 Change Devil Breakers

Devil May Cry 5 is now available on all major platforms and will a sequel to the 2008’s DMC 4. it will be an action adventure hack and slash just like its predecessor with improvements in graphics and gameplay.

The new iteration of the game will be the fifth title in the main series and the sixth game in the whole series. the story will bring many old and new characters, new skills, weapons, and much more.

How To Change Devil Breaker/ List Of All Devil Breaker In Devil May Cry 5

Throughout the game, you will be able to play as three different characters namely Nero, Dante, and V. each of them has unique abilities and moves.

Nero can equip Devil Breakers equipment which replaces his left hand. this bionic arm can be used to perform special abilities. but there are multiple different such arms and changing them is not easy.

So below you will find a guide, on how to change the Devil Breaker and also find the list of all Devil Breakers.

Changing The Devil Breaker

Here comes the tricky and sad part you can not manually change to the Devil Breaker you want with a single press of a button which means you will need to play with the arm which is next in line.

But there are ways you can utilize to get your preferred Devil Breaker.

You can press L1 on PS4 and LB on Xbox One to destroy your current active Devil Breaker. you need to keep breaking the bionic arms until you get your preferred one. yes, it wasteful but it is the only way to get your desired Breaker.

You can also visit the Van or Divinity statue to change the Devil Breaker. this can be usually done before or during the mission.

How To Always Use On Particular Devil Breaker

If you like a particular Devil Breaker and want to keep using it. then you can buy it from the shop and equip it in all slots. this way you will be able to keep getting the arm you want. if want more slots for the arm then you will need to upgrade the skill “Devil Breaker”.

List Of All Devil Breakers In Devil May Cry 5

Overture – It blows away enemies with an electric blast or thrust it into foes and detonate it.

Gerbera – It lets you cancel attacks with shockwaves or fires a beam of powerful laser-like energy.

Punch Line – it lets you send flying rocket punches and also gives powerful strikes. this breaker can also be used to mount on it and move around.

Helter Skelter – it lets you break through enemy guard easily.

Tomboy – it lets you power up the Blue Rose and Red Queen.

Buster Aim – it lets you one hit kill but it also is more fragile due to which it breaks easily.

Rawhide – it lets you use the metal whip from a long distance and also reel in heavy enemies.

Ragtime – it lets you release a unique attack which slows all objects within the attack range.

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