Destiny 2 – How To Unlock Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Weapon

Destiny 2 Unlock Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Weapon

Destiny 2 has released the Season of the Drifter by Publisher and Developer Bungie and brings tons on contents which include missions, challenges, raids, and other activities.

You will find new game modes like Reckoning, Gambit Prime, Allegiance quest, Triumphs and more which will help you unlock high tier weapons, armors, and other combat gears.

How To Unlock Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Weapon In Destiny 2

There are several weapons in the Drifter update and one of them is called Oxygen SR3 pinnacle weapon which is rewarded by Vanguard and comes with unique perks and high damage.

So below you will find a guide, on how to unlock the Oxygen SR3 quickly and easily.

Getting Redeployment Quest Step

In order to unlock this step, you will need to visit Zavala in the tower. then speak with him and look through the pursuits section of his wares. here you will find the quest step Redeployment. so just pick it up and you will be able to find it from your inventory.

Complete the Best Offense Triumph

To complete the Redeployment Quest step you will need to complete the best offense triumph. you can check it, by visiting the triumphs page of your inventory. here select Vanguard and then the strikes and you will be able to see all the requirements.

Requirement For Completing Best offense Triumph

Below you will find a list of tasks and how to complete them.

Land 1000 Precision Final Blows

To complete this activity you will need to score kills while doing precision damage. the precision damage refers to critical damage.

You can know if you are getting precision hits by looking for yellow damage numbers on the enemy. in most of the cases hitting enemies on their head will deal critical damage.

To complete this requirement quickly go to strikes where you will find plenty of enemies in an area. The Hollowed Liar, Lake of Shadows are some of the strikes with a good number of weak enemies.

Generate 500 Orbs

The orbs can be generated by killing your enemies with your Masterwork weapon and by using supers. the speed of these process make sure to use supers like Fist Of havoc, Stormtrance and others which do damage to multiple enemies in an AOE.

Once you again you easily complete it in the Hollowed Liar and Lake of Shadows.

Strikes And Nightfalls

As mentioned you will need to complete strikes and nightfalls to count it as a progression towards the Best Offense Triumph. the nightfall count as 5% and strike count as 1%. so get ready to grind these game modes.

Once you have completed these Triumph, you will also complete the Redeployment and finally unlock the Oxygen SR3.

Oxygen SR3 Stats
  • Impact – 62
  • Handling – 47
  • Stability – 55
  • Range – 55
  • Reload Speed – 50
  • Rounds per minute – 180
  • Magazine – 16


  • Precision Frame – this perk will give high accuracy and high fire rate.
  • Dragonfly – getting precision kills will generate an elemental damage explosion.
  • Maganeura – Dragonfly does more damage based on the number of precision hits dealt to the target.

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