Destiny 2 – How To Get Prime Armor Pieces In Season Of The Drifter

Destiny 2 Prime Armor Pieces In Season Of The Drifter

Destiny 2 latest update will be the Season Of The Drifter. the new handler and vendor for the Gambit will bring plenty of new quests, challenges, and more game modes.

You will need to complete new game modes, collect resources, defeat enemies, and more to get Faction armor, Faction Weapon, Pinnacle Weapon, and others gears.

How To Get Prime Armor Pieces In Season Of The Drifter In Destiny 2

As mentioned above you will able to unlock several new armor pieces, weapons, and more by grinding the new game modes.

The Prime Armor sets are one of the many gears you can obtain in the drifter update. so below you will find a guide on how to earn Prime Armor Sets.

Getting The Synthesizer

To get the prime armor sets you will need to get a Synthesizer which can be obtained by completing your first Gambit Prime match as a contract. to get the contract you simply need to interact with Gambit.

The higher the value of the Synthesizer the more synths you will need. this synthesizer can be upgraded by doing weekly bounty for the Drifter.

How To Earn Synths

To farm synths, you can play each daily prime bounty rewards, by playing and winning Gambit Prime, and you can also earn these synths by playing Reckoning.

The best way to earn them quickly and easily would be to focus on playing the role of the synth type that you want to earn and complete.

Crafting Motes

Once you have collected a good amount of synths, you will need to use the Synthesizer to craft mote. once you do that you will need to go into a reckoning match and then activate it at the bank. this will determine the reckoning difficulty tier and its rewards.

The higher level difficulty will require more powerful motes to activate, more synths, and also a high-level Synthesizer.

Just note that different rarities and level have to be banked in a different location which might create confusion. but do not worry about it as the game will let you know if you are in the right place or not.

Getting Your Armor Pieces

once you have completed the match successfully you will get the Prime set Pieces. to get the pieces just go back to the bank where you activated your Mote.

Just note that you can earn duplicate armor pieces. so if you want to complete the full armor then you will need to grind a considerable amount of Reckoning and also wager a decent amount of Motes.

The starting full armor will have a 635 light level. to earn higher tier armor you will need to wait as Reckoning 2 and beyond are still locked.

You can also earn Gambit Prime armor pieces by completing the Prime Weekly bounty.

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