The Division 2 – How To Invite Friends Into Your Group Party

The Division 2

Division 2 will be the sequel to the 2016’s D1 and just like its predecessor would be an online action survival game created by Publisher Ubisoft and Developer Massive Entertainment.

The new game takes place in Washington DC 7 months after the events from the D1. the new story drops players into a civil war between survivors and dangerous groups of marauders break out.

How To Invite Friends Into Your Group Party In The Division 2

While progressing through the story you will be able to complete many different main and side missions with your friends.

But inviting your friends in the new iteration of the game can be a bit tricky and confusing. so below you will find a guide, on how to invite your friends to your group for C0-Op gameplay.

How To Invite Friends

First, you need to open up the game’s main menu. here you will find several tabs like character, news, progression, settings and more.

You will need to select the social menu. this will take you to a new menu named group management. at the center of the screen you will find your name and below your name, you will find three different X mark which indicates that you can add three more players to your group.

Now to invite players you will need to scroll down to the friend’s section which is present just below the name section.

Once you select the friend’s section you will find a list of players from your friend list. now click on your friend’s name and you will find a small pop up which lists various options like inspect, mute, report. you will need to select the invite to group options.

If you did the above steps correctly your friend will receive an invitation to join your party. now your friend just needs to go their social menu and accept the invites to load into your game session.

Uplay Invitation Method

If for some reason the above method is not working for you then you can use the external invitation method which can be done by Uplay.

Here you need to go to the Uplay Chat and then invite your friend through it. just remember that your friends need to be added in the Uplay’s friend list.

Problems With Invitaion

There have been reports that players are unable to send invite which can be due to bugs or server issues.

But some players have said that you cannot invite friends at all until you reach the white house. this report has not been confirmed yet but it might be one of the reason. we will update the post once we know more about it.

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