Left Alive – List Of All Enemies And How To Counter Them

Left Alive Enemies And How To Counter

Left Alive will be the new game from Publisher Square Enix and Developer llinx. it is an anime-styled action roleplaying game where players need to survive a gruesome war.

The story places the player in year war-torn Novo Slava in 2127. you will play the game from the perspective of three different protagonists. you will be able to use various weapons, craft items, set traps, and more.

List Of All Enemies And How To Counter Them In Left Alive

While progressing through the game you will face many different enemies. some of them are easy to deal with and some of them are quite hard.

So below you will find a guide, on the list of all the enemies, their behaviors and a useful way to counter them.


Descriptions – This is the most common type of enemy you will find in the game. they have normal soldier weapons and have body armor.

It is easy to defeat them but the most troublesome part is that these soldiers sometimes call for reinforcements when they discover you and as you already have a limited amount of supplies dealing with additional soldiers can be annoying and straight waste of resources.

How To Counter – you can go full rambo and use your weapons to quickly kill them before they call for Reinforcements or you can use the stealth approach by using the electric shock wire.

You can set traps with electric shock wire which shocks the enemy and restrict their movement by disabling them. you can then kill them with the melee weapon or just progress.

Battle Drone

Descriptions – You will find plenty of these machines on the ground and air and they will attack you whenever and wherever they find you.

A single drone does not do high damage on their own but if you do not take care of them immediately. there will a group of them and they will deal heavy damage.

How To Counter – you can use your basic weapons to fight against them but is recommended that you use Auto Turret. these gadgets can be deployed anywhere in battle.

Once deployed they will start attacking the drones when they are in range and will keep hitting it until it is destroyed. the good thing about these auto turrets is that you can deploy multiple of these machines in the battle.


Descriptions – They are slow but deal massive damage. the tanks in the game usually patrol around a specific area so you can avoid them easily by observing their movement. but there will be scenarios where you need to defeat them to progress.

How To Counter – your pistols, shotguns, or other ammo-based weapons will be completely useless against them. so you will need to use explosives, like the IED Landmine and RC Mine.

You can craft these weapons by collecting necessary components. you can find the recipes of all the crafting items in Left Alive listed below.


Descriptions – These are the giant mech machines and are the most powerful units in the game and can be difficult to deal with. but the good thing is that it can be used by players too.

How To Counter – the Wanzer has thick armors and ammo weapons are not good against it. but it too has weak points like head, elbows, and knees. to damage it you can throw explosive weapons at the weak points. you can need to keep hitting with the explosive until it stops moving.

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