Trials Rising – How To Get Feeling Dizzy? Achievement/Trophy

Trials Rising Feeling Dizzy? Achievement Trophy

Trials Rising will be the new platform racing bikes from Publisher Ubisoft and Developer RedLynx. it will be a sequel to 2014’S Fusion which will bring improved gameplay and mechanics.

The obstacle courses are based on famous exotic places like the Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, and more. you will also find a new customization mode and a new game mode called Tandem Bike in which a single bike is controlled by two players.

How To Get Feeling Dizzy? Achievement/Trophy In Trials Rising

While progressing through the game you will be able to unlock various different achievements, easter eggs, secrets, and many other trophies by completing certain challenges.

One of the many achievement/Trophy in the game is called Feeling Dizzy? in which you need to perform 7 Flips in 1 Jump. it is quite difficult to perform. so in this guide, you will find how and where to complete the Feeling Dizzy? achievement easily.

Recommened Bike

Before you begin trying the challenge it is recommended that you either use the Mantis Or the Helium BMX bike. both of them are light and can gain speed easily.

How To Unlock The Feeling Dizzy? Trophy

Now you need to select Yellow Caldera which is present on the American side. once you load the level select Mantis or Helium and then reach checkpoint number 7.

From this checkpoint instead of flying off the ramp. just drop before the water sprout which you will be able to notice easily.

Now gain as much speed as you can and ride the water sprout. once you are free from the water press backward key to flip the bike 7 times.

It is possible to do more flips but i would recommend that you just complete 7 flips and then position your bike to land safely otherwise the challenge would not be completed and you won’t get the achievement.

Once you do 7 flips and land safely on your bike you will get the notification “Units Earned Feeling Dizzy?”

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