Dawn Of Man – Guide, Tips, And Tricks For Beginners Players

Dawn Of Man Guide, Tips, and Trick

Dawn Of Man has been finally released on PC via Steam. it is an indie strategy city builder game from Publisher and Developer Madruga Works where players command a settlement of ancient humans.

Throughout the game you will need to guide the settlers to survive by hunting, gathering, crafting, building, and expanding the settlement. doing this can be a bit confusing so you will find some beginner tips and tricks.

Guide, Tips, And Tricks For Beginners Players In Dawn Of Man

Below you will find several topics and some tips and tricks to make your gameplay a bit easier and less frustrating.


To progress in the game you will need to get resources. the most basic resources in the Dawn Of Man are flints, sticks, and edible plants.

You can discover resources with primal vision. the Flints have a dark gray color, sticks have a light green to white color, and edible plants have a shiny green color.

Resources collection

In the beginning, you will need to build the work areas near the water bodies. if there are no water bodies nearby you should build rock piles and wood piles.

Once you have done that the children and adults at the base will start gathering small basic resources like sticks, flints.

Building Basic Structures

Once you start getting resources, start building tents, crafting buildings, skin dryer, hearth, food dryer and more. just note that the children can gather basic resources but they will not deliver the resources to the building location. so make sure you have a good number of adults.

Your priority here should be to make spears, slings, skins, and outfits for all settlers.

Earn Knowledge points (ASAP)

The best and the fastest way to earn knowledge points is to hunt. so select a group of hunters and send them on a hunting trip. make sure you send a good number of hunters this way your hunters won’t have to go far and the hunting will be done quickly.

You should always select different animals if you are aiming for knowledge points which would mean hunt deer, boar, and others.

Tips – to save time just hold the “H” key, drag the selection over your settlers. this will select every settler who has a weapon. now just use primal vision and look for an animal to kill. once you find it right click on it to send the hunters.

Controlling Your Settlers For Tasks

All the settlers in Dawn Of Man can be controlled manually. but before you do that you need to know a few things.

The children can only do collection work, they cannot craft or do anything which requires tools. so commanding them to do something related to tools will be meaningless.

The adults, on the other hand, can do every task. but you need to have proper tools crafted otherwise they won’t do it.

To know if a task can be done or not you will need to look at the task icon or the outline. if it is green it can be done and if it is red then it cannot be done. for various reason like no correct tools, no resources, and more.

Food Collection For The Tribe

At the early stage of the game, you will find plenty of animals to hunt. but as the time progress, the animals will start avoiding the settlement.

Also, some animals like cave bear, ancient bison, wholly rhino, and megaloceros go extinct and replaced by other smaller creatures like bear, bison, deer.

So it would become very hard to feed your population by just hunting. so you will need to start domesticating animals and farm. otherwise, the current animals will also vanish in Dawn Of Man.

Monitoring Your Settlers

You might have noticed that some settlers just die despite you have everything they need to survive and flourish. there can be several reasons for it. the workload is too high and too long. no proper clothing. it is difficult to tell.

So always keep monitoring the status of your settlerS, look for the red icons above the heads of settlers this means they are having difficulty.

Once you find them select them and send them towards resting or comforting place like tent and hearth.

Changing and Upgrading Tools

There is no direct way to make your settlers equip the tools you want them to use. every time you command them to do something they will use the best tool available meaning if they are fishing they will use the harpoon. if they are hunting deer they will use bows/slings or whichever is better.

The settlers will use the task-specific tool until the tools decay or break and then for the next task they will use the best tool available.

To make sure that everyone uses the best tools possible. just sell the lower quality tools to the traders for new ones. this will make every settler equip the best tools.


Once you have completed building hearth, the traders will visit your settlements frequently. the traders come basically in three ranks low, average, and high which indicates the tier of items and exchange rate they give.

The best way to utilize traders is to buy raw materials and then create a product from it and finally sell them to traders at a high price. this way you will be able to make a considerable amount of wealth easily.

Time Progression In Dawn of Man

The rate at which the time progress in the game is really up to you. if you want to speed through different ages. then you will need to just hunt continuously, get knowledge points and just keep progressing through different ages. but if you want to enjoy the game then you can progress at your own pace.

Another thing to note is that in normal mode the raiders will always have the same technology as you. but in hardcore mode, the raiders will level up on their own and can outlevel you in technology. so be careful.

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