Trials Rising – How To Get Oh No, Too Shiny! Diamond Achievement

Trials Rising Oh No, Too Shiny! Diamond medal

Trials Rising will be a new game in the Trials Series and would be the first game to arrive after 2014’s Fusion, it has been developed by RedLynx and publisher Ubisoft Kiev and would be a 2.5D racing game.

The new iteration brings obstacle courses set in various different parts such as Eiffel Tower, Everest, and more. it also brings a local multiplayer mode Tandem bike in which two players control a same motorcycle.

How To Get Oh No, Too Shiny! Diamond Achievement In Trials Rising

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock many different trophies and achievements which can be unlocked by completing various tracks and tasks.

One of the rare and difficult medals of the game is called ‘Oh No, Too Shiny!” secret achievements. this achievement can be unlocked for completing any track as you need reach 950 meters which makes it very difficult.

So below you will find a guide, on how to complete the “Oh No, Too Shiny!” Diamond achievement/trophies/medal.

Where To Do The Oh No, Too Shiny! Medal

The best way to complete this rare diamond medal is not through tracks but instead in one of the Skill Games. so from the main menu open the Skill Game Festival menu. then play the Power Bike game.

Just note that this skill game can only be unlocked at Level 63. you are only given a limited amount of fuel and must travel 950 meters on it.

How To Reach 950 Meters

As you have limited fuel you will need to focus on not utilizing all your fuel. so your first step would be to use the slopes to gain speed and momentum.

Then use the lean Forward and Backward trick which was taught in the tutorial of the game. this will allow you to use the gained momentum to easily cross the small hill without wasting fuel.

Just remember that whenever you are reaching the top of a slope, slow down by using the break. this will not launch your bike into the air which you should avoid doing.

You should always make sure that both your wheels are touching the ground when going down. it will give you better speed and momentum.

When to Use Fuel

While doing the process of progressing through this skill game. you will feel that your bike is slowing down which is inevitable.

When this happens don’t just hold press the gas. instead, gently tap the gas button to get quick bursts this will help you manage the fuel and also get the necessary boost and speed.

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