Dead Or Alive 6 – How To Unlock Costumes, Titles, And Other Items

Dead Or Alive 6 How To Unlock All Items

Dead Or Alive has 6 has been finally released by Publisher Koei Tecmo and Developer Team Ninja. it will be the twenty-fifth game in the whole series and a sequel to DOA 5.

The new iteration brings 27 playable fighters which include two new characters Diego and Nico. you will also find new features like Slow motion, visible damage on the characters and more.

How To Unlock Costumes, Titles, And Other Items In Dead Or Alive 6

While progressing through the game you will be able to unlock various different items by completing different requirements, tasks, and other in-game activities.

Most of the items in the game are basically costumes. but the way the game lets players unlock these costumes and skins are a bit confusing.

So below you will find a guide, on how does unlocking skins and other items work in the game.

Difference Between Costume Parts and Full Costume

Throughout your gameplay, you will be notified by the game that you have unlocked certain costume parts. many players thought it a full piece of skin and tried to equip them but it didn’t work.

This is because costume parts are not a full costume but instead as the name suggests are just part of the costumes.

Each costume in the game has a different number of parts for it. some of them require 400 to 500 parts and some of them can be completed in with a lower number of required parts.

How To Earn The Costume Parts Fast

The best way to earn costume parts and other items is just by grinding the game. you can play any game mode and you will be rewarded with costume parts.

Although it has not been confirmed there are reports that DOA Quest mode gives costume parts slightly faster than other game modes. so you can try grinding that mode if your aim is to unlock all the skins.

The only problem and the really frustrating part about unlocking these items is that you get random costume parts. also, the reward from the online game which will be the most utilized mode gives only a small amount of parts.

How To Unlock Full Costumes And Other Items

Once you have collected all the costume parts for a particular costume you can unlock it completely. but to do that you will need to spend Player Points which is an in-game currency. these player points can also be used to purchase other accessories like titles and more.

If you have unlocked the full costume you can equip it from DOA central mode or before the online matches.

Unlocking Other Miscellaneous items

Some of the items are not related to grinding and are instead related to story mode. so if you want to unlock the music mode, encyclopedia, and other miscellaneous items you just need to progress through the story of Dead or Alive 6.

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