Enderal Forgotten Stories – List Of All Class Combinations

Enderal Forgotten Stories

Enderal Forgotten Stories will be a new game built from a total conversion mod for Skyrim. it has been created by Publisher and Developer Sure IA and is available on steam as a Free To Play game.

The game has its different world, story, characters, and more. players will be able to explore, upgrade their skill, complete different quests and venture into an immersive open world with an amazing story.

List Of All Class Combinations In Enderal Forgotten Stories

In the game, you will find many new and different classes which you can unlock and use in combat. so below you will find a guide on the combination of all the classes present in the game.

Combo Class – Arcane Archer
  • Disciplines – Trickster + Elementalist / Thaumaturge / Sinistrope
  • Bonuses – increases archery, elementalism, and Light Magic. also under the effect of “Eye of the Storm” archer’s second arrow will be a paralyzing arrow.
Combo Class – Assassin
  • Disciplines – Infiltrator + Blade Dancer
  • Bonuses – increases stealth and one-handed skill. also, you get +10% critical chance and improved silent movement.
Combo Class – Blade Master
  • Disciplines – Blade Master + Vandal
  • Bonuses – increases HP, Stamina, Two-handed, and one-handed skill. also, you will get a permanent increase in your melee damage.
Combo Class – Brute
  • Disciplines – Lycanthrope + Vandal
  • Bonuses – increases movement speed by 7, kills give +5% to +25% damage buff, each charge wear off after 7 seconds.
Combo Class – Battlemage
  • Disciplines – Elementalist + Vandal / Keeper
  • Bonuses – increases HP, Elementalism, Heavy armor, and two-handed. killing gives you shock nova which increases spell and weapon damage by 8% and stack 3 times.
Combo Class – Blade Breaker
  • Disciplines – Blade Dancer + Keeper
  • Bonuses – increases HP, Carry Capacity, and one-handed skills. your hits will decrease the damage resistance of your enemies.
Combo Class – Black Mage
  • Disciplines – Elementalist + Sinistrope
  • Bonuses – increases Entropy, Elementalism, and Mana. your shock nova will absorb some HP and Mana of your enemies.
Combo Class – Dark Keeper
  • Disciplines – Keeper + Sinistrope
  • Bonuses – increases HP, Entropy, and Heavy armor. also successfully use of Devour soul will increase your damage.
Combo Class – Drifter
  • Disciplines – Lycanthrope + Vagrant
  • Bonuses – increases the strength of Brewed chemica. you can also have 3 chemicas active at once.
Combo Class – Druid
  • Disciplines – Elementalist + Lycanthrope
  • Bonuses – increases the elemental chemica effect. also when you transform into a wolf it will cast Shock Nova automatically.
Combo Class – Ghost Blade
  • Disciplines – Phasmalist + Infiltrator / Trickster
  • Bonuses – increases alchemy and enchanting by 5. your apparition will teleport and attack the enemy when you perform a sneak attack.
Combo Class – Shadow Dancer
  • Disciplines – Infiltrator + Sinistrope
  • Bonuses – increases entropy, sneak, and psionics. also when you kill enemy marked with Ghostwalk. they will rise again as your undead minions in Enderal Forgotten Stories.
Combo Class – Seraph
  • Disciplines – Thaumaturge + Keeper / Vandal
  • Bonuses – increases HP, Mana, Light Magic, and Heavy Armor.
Combo Class – Soul Caller
  • Disciplines – Phasmalist + Infiltrator/ Trickster
  • Bonuses – increases Alchemy and Enchanting by 5. it also turns your apparition into a wolf.
Combo Class – Scourge of the Woods
  • Disciplines – Thaumaturge + Lycanthrope
  • Bonuses – gives 15% more life and armor in wolf form. it also grants active ability colossus which increases resistances, armor, and health in wolf form.
Combo Class – Spectral Warrior
  • Disciplines – Phasmalist + Blade Dancer/Keeper/Vandal
  • Bonuses – increases two-handed, one-handed, entropy. also, your stances bonuses will be applied to your Apparition.
Combo Class – Ravager
  • Disciplines – Lycanthrope + Sinistrope
  • Bonuses – increases movement speed by 7. it also grants active ability “Massacre” which allows your attacks to absorb HP from enemies.
Combo Class – Ritualist
  • Disciplines – Phasmalist + Sinistrope
  • Bonuses – increases Mana and entropy. also, your apparition becomes stronger if you have summoned creature in Enderal Forgotten Stories.
Combo Class – Throat Ripper
  • Disciplines – Infiltrator + Lycanthrope
  • Bonuses – increases damage in wolf form. also while sneaking in wolf form you will gain invisibility. just note it has 60s cooldown.
Combo Class – Well-Traveled One
  • Disciplines – Vagrant + Trickster
  • Bonuses – increases Archery, Light Amor, Stamina. also, every fire arrow will deal additional small explosion.

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