Trials Rising – How To Disable Ghosts And Play In Offline Mode

Trails Rising

Trials Rising has been finally released by Publisher Ubisoft and Developer RedLynx on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch where players will be able to explore and race with their physics-bending motorcycle.

The latest edition of the game will be the sixth game in the main series and will be the first trails game for Nintendo Switch. you will find many different courses set around famous locations and also get a local multiplayer mode called Tandem Bike.

How To Disable Ghosts And Play In Offline Mode In Trials Rising

The new game brings plenty of new features, contents, and improved gameplay to make the game more fun and interesting.

But it also brings backs the feature which some players do not particularly like and is known as the Ghosts. This feature is good for players who want to know the best method and route to complete a level but is very annoying for players who want to discover their own their own.

So below you will find a guide on how to disable the ghosts and play in offline mode in Trails Rising.

Things To Know Before Using The Disabling Process

To get rid of these ghosts you will need to follow the steps listed below which will help you remove the player’s ghost from your gameplay.

But before you change any settings just note that you will still compete against ghosts but not with random players instead you will race against three computer-generated ghosts of the three different medals which are Bronze, silver, and gold.

With the settings below you won’t be able to see them on the startup and completion screen. but you can track their progress listed on the screen to improve your gameplay and get the timing.

The good thing about these NPC ghosts is that they have the exact correct time required for getting the medals.

How To Disable the Ghosts In Trials Rising

First, start the game and then tab out from it. then disable your network features. just note that the process of doing it on PC, PS4, Xbox one is a bit different but the concept is the same.

  • In PC start the game, tab out, and disable the network features.
  • In console start the game, go to settings, network, and finally disconnect the internet using by turning off the option.

After turning off the online network, go to the game options and then scroll down to the
Ghost Settings. here you will need to set the “Ghost Opacity” to 0.

Once you have done the above all the online player’s ghosts will stop appearing in your game. but still you will find CPU ghosts, they will be invisible but you will be able to see their progress in the upper right corner of the screen.

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