Pokemon Go – How To Spawn And Catch Smeargle With Snapshot Mode


Pokemon Go has finally released their new update which brings plenty of fixes and new contents and the most important one the addition of Smeargle.

Bringing this Pokemon into the game has been a bit of challenge for Niantic. but now they have found a way to do it. but finding and catching it can be difficult and confusing. so in this guide, you will learn how to spawn and catch Smeargle properly.

How To Spawn And Catch Smeargle With Snapshot Mode In Pokemon Go

Selecting a Pokemon For Smeargle

Smeargle ability in Pokemon is to sketch/copy the abilities of the Pokemon which is photobombed by it. so pick any Pokemon which you want to copy.

But before you do that remember that Smeargle’s CP does not go over 500. also, Smeargle can copy most of the abilities but there are some abilities which cannot be copied such as Ditto’s Transform so be careful about who you copy.

How To Select Pokemon

Once you have decided which Pokemon you want to copy. just click on the list of Pokemon and then click the Pokemon you have selected.

Then in the upper right corner of the screen, you will find a camera icon. click it and it will take you to the Go Snapshot mode.

Just note to get this Snapshot mode you will need to have the latest update of Pokemon Go. furthermore, you also need to have a level 5 account.

Make Smeargle Photobomb your Photos

To catch Smeargle you will need to take photos along with the selected Pokemon. just select the Pokemon, go to Go Snapshot mode, and then starting clicking photos and hope that Smeargle Photo bombs you.

The chance of getting it on the first try is very low. so keeping clicking photos until you get one. you should get it after 8-10 photos.

Solution For Smeargle Not Appearing in Photos

There have been reports that even after taking 70-100 photographs Smeargle is not appearing in photos. if you are experiencing this problem too.

Then most likely the game is bugged so try restarting it and then try catching it again. if it still does not work then uninstall and reinstall the full latest game.

Catching Smeargle

Once Smeargle appears in a photo of Go Snapshot Mode, you will be able to spawn it. so exit the Go Snapshot mode and then go to the map.

Then it should appear just near the Player’s location and now all you need to do is catch it.

What To Do If Smeargle Does Not Appear On The Map

If it does not appear after you go to the map. just wait for it to spawn. it has been reported that the spawning can take up 5 to 10 minutes.

What To Do If Smeargle Escapes/ You Were Unable To Catch It

Just like other Pokemon, Smeargle too can escape while you are catching it with Poke Ball. if you miss it you should wait for a full day so that it starts showing up in the Photos.

How To Catch More Of Them

If you want to catch more Smeargle then you will need to wait a full day after catching your previous one.

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