Anthem – List Of All Inscriptions On Gears/ Stats Meaning On Gear


Anthem will be the latest game from Electronic Arts and Bioware where players equip Javelins to protect humanities last stronghold Fort Tarsis from unknown dangerous threats.

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock various different gears, weapons, and other components to make yourself more powerful. but one of the main problems with the game is not unlocking new items but knowing what the inscriptions on the weapons and gears mean as the game does not properly explain what they are.

List Of All Inscriptions On Gears/ Stats Meaning On Gear In Anthem

So below you will find a guide on what different inscription of stats on the gear means and what they do. the list is a work in progress and would be updated when we know more about it.

Gear Icon – Inscription For One Gear Bonus Effects
  • Combo +% Aura Effect – Increases the damage from Interceptor Aura pulses.
  • Critical +% Damage – Increases the critical attacks damages.
  • Gear + Speed – Reduces the cooldown of all skills.
  • Physical +% Damage – increases the damage of all nonelemental attacks.
  • Weapon +% Blast Damage – Increase the Blast damage of the weapon
  • Weapon +% Fire Rate – increases the rate of fire of weapon.
  • Weapon +% Mag Size – Increase the size of the magazine/clip for the weapon.
  • Weapon -% Reload Time – Reduces the time it takes to reload.
Javelin Icon – Inscription For Effects Which Applies To All Gear
  • Ammo +% Drop Rate – Increases the drop chance of ammo upon kill/damage to the enemy.
  • Ammo +% Pickup Amount – Increases the amout of ammo you get when picking up an ammo drop
  • Armor +% Max – Increases the max armor limit.
  • Combo +% Damage – Increases the damage while using detonator on a primed target.
  • Combo + Targets – Detonating any primed enemies starts a chain with additional enemies.
  • +% Damage – Increases the damage of all the damage dealer kits.
  • Effect +% – Increases the speed of status build up to prime an enemy.
  • Element +% Damage – Increases damage of all skills for the attached element
  • Element +% Effect – Increase the status effect duration for the attached element
  • Element +% Resist – Reduces damage taken from attacks of that element.
  • Elemental +% Dmg – Increases the damage from all elemental attacks.
  • +% Force – Decreases the damage required to stagger enemies.
  • Gear +% Charges – Increases the number of charges that this skill.
  • Gear +%Damage – Increases the damage of the skill on this gear.
  • +% Harvest Bonus – Increases the amount of items received from Harvest minerals and plants.
  • Keybind +%Damage – Increases the damage of that skill.
  • Keybind +Speed – Reduces the cooldown of that skill.
  • Melee +% Damage – Increase the damage of melee attacks and melee skills.
  • Overheat +% Delay – Reduces the time required it takes to start recovering from overheating.
  • Physical +% Resist – Reduces damage from all non-elemental attacks.
  • +% Pickup Radius – Increases the distance from which you can pick up items.
  • Repair +% Amount – Increases the amount of healing you get from healing kits.
  • Repair +% Drop Rate – Increases the drop rate of healing kits when you kill or damage enemies.
  • Shield +% Delay – Reduces the time it requires to start recovering your shield.
  • Shield +% Max – Increases the shield limit.
  • Shield +-% Refresh – Effects how quickly your shield recharges once it starts recovering.
  • Storm Combo Augment – Increases the number of chain combos of Storm Javelin by 2.
  • Supply +% Drop Rate – Increases the drop rate of gears, weapons, and more when you kill or damage enemy.
  • Support +% Luck – Increase the chance of getting high rarity loots.
  • Support +% Speed – Reduces the cooldown of your support skill.
  • +% Thruster Life – Increases the duration of flight before it gets overheated.
  • +% Thruster Speed – Increases the speed of Jet cooldown.
  • Ultimate +% Damage – Increases the damage from your ultimate.
  • Ultimate +% Speed – Increases the rate at which you gain the ultimate meter.
  • Weapon +% Ammo – Increases the maximum ammo amount for all the weapons.
  • Weapon +% Damage – Increases the weapon damage.
  • Weapon +% Clip – Increases the magazine/clip size of the weapon.
  • Weapon Type +% Ammo – Increases the maximum ammo for that weapon type.
  • Weapon Type +% Damage – Increase the damage of all weapons of that weapon type.

Source – Reddit user Falsedemise

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