Anthem – Location Of Tomb Of Yvenia And How To Unlock It


Anthem has finally arrived and the players can now enter the dystopian world to equip the Javelin, explore the mysterious environment and protect humanities last stronghold.

Throughout the progression of the game, you will need to complete various different missions. at the early stages, you will be asked to find four different Tombs.

The Tomb of Yvenia is one of the Tombs which is located just near Fort Tarsis. but it is quite well hidden which makes it difficult for players to find it. so below you will find a guide, on the location Of Tomb of Yvenia and how to

Location Of Tomb Of Yvenia And How To Unlock It In Anthem

Anthem Tomb of Yvenia

You need to go to the location Marked as Red on the map. once there you will need to look for a stream of water going into a cave just near the Fort Tarsis wall.

When you find it you will need to enter it and follow the path. soon you will arrive at the gate of Tomb of Yvenia (marked as yellow).  to open it just interact with the gate but it will only open if you have completed the Trial Of Yvenia.

How To complete all Trial Of Yvenia challenges

Treasure chests (Required – 15) – for this challenge you will need to open 15 different treasure chests. there are plenty of them and are scattered around the map.

You can follow the guide, listed below which contains a map with the location of treasure chests which will let you complete the challenge.

Harvest (Required – 25) – This should be fairly easy to complete you just need to look for mineral nodes which look like colored rock and plantation nodes which look like plants. now just destroy them and collect the materials. this will complete the challenge.

Javelins Repaired (Required – 3) – This challenge requires a bit of patience. just explore the world in Free play mode and look for the Sentinels fighting. these sentinels will get damaged by enemies. all you need to do is help them in the fight once they get damaged and then repair them.

Collectibles (Required – 10) – To complete this challenge you will need to collect various collectibles. it can be discovering new places, notepads, and documents in camps, and more.

Below you will find a list of collectibles guides which you can follow to complete it.

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