Death End RE;Quest – All Skill Combinations With Flash Drive

Death End RE;Quest

Death End RE;Quest has been finally released by Publisher Idea Factory and Developer Compile heart for PS4. It is a turned based Roleplaying game where you will switch game modes from RPG to shooter, fighter and more.

In the game, players will need to take control of the characters to help out Shina escape the game world which is filled with vicious enemies and dangerous bosses. you will also find features like deep command combat system, dungeons filled with treasures, and many more.

All Skill Combinations With Flash Drive In Death End RE;Quest

While progressing through the game you will be able to use different abilities to fight against different types of enemies and bosses who will do everything to prevent you from completing your objectives.

So to keep up with the ever-growing enemies you will need to use more powerful and unique abilities. so below you will find all skill combinations with the flash drive for all different characters.

Just note that using some skills in a specific order will unlock more advanced skills. once a combination is used in a battle it will be unlocked permanently for all upcoming battles against all enemies.

Shina Skill Combinations (W.I.P)
  • Meti + Meti = Metic
  • Lunamis + Lunamis = Rokudein
  • Trally Bloom + Trally Bloom + Lunamis = Lunamissimo
  • Trally Bloom + Trally Bloom + Attack = Trally Sharp
  • Trally Sharp + Trally Sharp + Rokudein = Trally Shield
  • Meti + Metic + Metic = Metinark
  • Fyrevival + Metinark + Metinark = Metistar
  • Rokudein + Rokudein + Attack = Rokudian
  • Lunamissimo + Lunamissimo + Lunamissimo = Lunamispolo
Lily Skill Combinations (W.I.P)
  • Vizstar + Vizstar = Vizstar Hans
  • Vizstar + Vizstar Hans + Vistar Hans = Vizstar Sauza
  • Metinfris + Metinfrist + Meti Light Order = Metin Wint
  • Meti + Meti + Meti = Metias
  • Metin Wint + Metin Wint + Metin Wint = Meti
  • Metias + Metis + Metias = Metic
AI Skill Combinations (W.I.P)
  • Meti Elk + Kachi Parense = Meti Altar
  • Sol Strike + Sol Strike + Sol Strike = Sol Spear
  • Sol Strike + Sol Strike + Sol Pro = Stark

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