Anthem – Location Of Corium For Shield Of Dawn


Anthem has arrived on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. it will be a third person shooter open world game where players will enter a dystopian world where humanity is forced to live within the Fort Taris.

You as Freelancers will enter the Futuristic society to wear the weaponized exosuits called Javelins. you will be tasked to explore the unknown world for opportunities and protect humanity from mysterious threats.

Location Of Corium For Shield Of Dawn In Anthem

Throughout the game, you will need to use various materials to upgrade and craft new weapons, gears, and other equipment to make your Javelin stronger.

The corium is one of the many materials you need to get to craft Shield Of Dawn during the story progression. but the game does not explain how and where to get it.

So in this guide, you will find where and how to get the Corium for The Shield Of Dawn.

How And Where To Get Corium

Anthem Titan

In the area marked above on the map as red, you will find the Titan. you need to kill the Titan to receive the Corium.

The Titan has very High Hp and if you get hit by its attack it can deal Heavy damage. killing it in normal difficulty can take you around 3-4 min and in high difficulty, it will take forever.

But you can make the killing easier by using Storm Javelin. as the Titan has a very limited range of attacks the storm Javelin gains a high advantage over it as you can just fly around and use the teleport movement to dodge the attacks.

What To Do When Titan is not present in the Marked Location

If you are in free play mode and cannot find the Titan in the marked location. then most likely it has been killed by some other players. so to spawn it get out of the zone and then enter it again. this will reset the area for you. just note that you may need to do it several times to spawn it.

If the above method is not helping you then you can try starting a new Freeplay and it might spawn the Titan.

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