Anthem – Location Of Treasure Chests/ High Tier Loots And Gears


Anthem will be the latest game from Developer Bioware and Publisher Electronic Arts. it will be a third-person shooter where players equip Javelin an exosuits which gives players superhuman strength and abilities.

The Freelancers will be tasked with several tasks which will include gathering resources for the Fort and defeating Mauraders, outlaws, and hostile beasts to protect the fort.

Location Of Treasure Chests/ High Tier Loots And Gears In Anthem

While progressing through the story of the game you will need to gather various different resources to get new weapons and gears.

But to get better high-level weapons and gears you will need to higher quality loot which can be found in treasure chests scattered around the map.

So below you will find a guide on the location of some of the high loot treasure chests around Grand Falls Canyon, Valley of Tarsis, and Academy Ruins.

Locations Of Treasure Chests

Anthem Treasure/ Loot Chests

The map contains the location of 31 currently known treasure chests. they are marked in two colors.

The red chest indicates the location of the chests above the ground and the green chests indicates the location of the chess under the water.

All you need to do is go to the marked location and open them to get the high tier loot.

Chests Not Appearing In the Location

The chests always appear in the location marked above but when many players enter the same area the chest is divided, amony players. so the chest which you did not find previously may appear later when you log in again.

How To Increase the chances of getting High-Level Loot From Chests

To increase your chance of getting high-level loots. you just need to increase the difficulty to Grandmaster and above. these difficulties only unlock when you complete the campaign.

The higher the difficulty the better will be the loot from the treasure chests.

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