Anthem – How To Unlock Rare And Epic Gear Sigils Blueprints


Anthem the multiplayer open world third person game from Developer Bioware and Publisher Electronic Arts is finally out for all major platforms.

Players will enter the game as Freelancers to explore the world outside the civilization and defend Fort Tarsis from dangers by using advanced suits known as Javelins.

How To Unlock Rare And Epic Gear Sigils Blueprints In Anthem

While progressing through the story of the game you will find many different types of equipment and items which will enhance the abilities of your Javelin, weapons, and Gear.

The Gear Sigils are one of the consumables in Anthem which when used before expeditions will increase your Gear efficiency for a certain duration.

These items come in different rarity have different effects. so in this guide, you will find how to unlock rare, and epic Gear Sigils.

Unlock Gear Sigils

To unlock Gear Sigils in the game you will need to complete Strongholds. these stronghold challenges will give you four different types of Gear Sigil.

  • Fire Sigil
  • Ice Sigil
  • Lightning Sigil
  • Acid Sigil

But to get the high rarity Sigils like rare and epic. you will need to complete the Stronghold Master 1 challenge. doing this will give you uncommon rarity Sigils and also unlock the next level.

Unlock Rare And Epic Gear Sigils

From Stronghold Master 2 challenge you will be getting rare versions of all fire, ice, lightning, and acid and finally, from Stronghold Master 3 challenge you will be getting Epic versions of all the Sigils.

To check your progress for these Stronghold missions. you need to open the challenges tab from the menu, then select expeditions, and then the stronghold tab.

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