Anthem – How Medal System Works/ List Of All Feats For Medals


In Anthem, you will be able to play through various story missions, side missions, and more to unlock new weapons, loots, trophy, and other mission-related stuff.

The medals are one of the game features which player earns after every mission. but the only thing they do is give your playstyle rating. so if you want to get a particular medal you can learn more about them below.

How Medal System Works/ List Of All Feats For Medals In Anthem

The medals in the game are tied to your playstyle during a mission. as you might already know that there are four different medals Executioner, Artillery, Soldier, and Sage.

Furthermore, there are three tiers of medals such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. the higher the tier the more work you need to put in it to get it. for more example, if 10 kills give you bronze, then you need more for silver and even more for Gold.

But What Factor Decides The Medal You Receive?

Well that depends entirely on the feats you do in the game. these feats can involve simple tasks like killing enemies, reviving allies, harvesting resources and more.

You can learn about them different Medals and how the work

  • Artillery – This can be obtained by feats which involve killing from weapons, gears, and combos.
  • Executioner – This can be obtained by feats involving killing legendary enemies, Ultimate abilities and more.
  • Soldier – This can be obtained by feats involving killing elite enemies, hitting weak points and more.
  • Sage – This can be obtained by feats involving harvest resources from nodes, looting items, and reviving/helping teammates and other allies.
List Of All Feats

There are a total of sixteen feats in the game. you can find all of them by opening the map in free play or story mission. from here just go to the tracked tab and you will all of them.

  • Ally Javelins Repaired – Revive downed teammates
  • Collection – collect collectibles such as notes and documents.
  • Combos – Use combos on enemies
  • Elite Slayer – Kill elite enemies
  • Gear Master – Kill enemies using gear
  • Legendary Slayer – Kill legendary enemies
  • Materials Harvested – Interact and harvest material nodes such as rock, plants and more
  • Melee Master – Kill enemies using melee attacks.
  • Mission Complete – Complete a mission
  • Multi-Kills – Kill many enemies instantly.
  • Reinforcement – Help other players to complete missions.
  • Stronghold Complete – Finish a stronghold area.
  • Ultimate Master – Kill enemies using your ultimate ability.
  • Weak Point Striker – Kill enemies by hitting their weak points.
  • Weapon Master – Kill enemies using weapons
  • World Events – complete world events in free play mode

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