Metro Exodus – How To Get All Endings (Good And Bad Endings)

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus will be the latest addition third addition to the main series. it has been created by Publisher Deep Silvers and Developer 4A Games and will a first-person shooter just like the previous game.

In this sequel too you will be able to make different decisions in different situations which will affect the outcome of the story.

How To Get All Endings (Good And Bad Endings) In Metro Exodus

The game comes with two different endings. one Good ending and one Bad ending. but it is a bit tricky to get. so below you will find a list of points which you can do to get the good ending.

Important Note – just note that you do not need to do all the tasks but make sure that you do more good tasks like helping, sparing people’s lives, and rescuing your teammates. likewise, you should also avoid doing bad tasks like leaving people behind, letting you team die and just going on a rampage killing anyone in sight.

How To Get Good Ending
Things You Need To Maintain Throughout The Game

There are three characters which can die in the game and they are Duke, Damir, and Alyosha. to get the good ending at least two of these characters need to survive.

In Volga
  • You need to find and deliver the teddy bear and the guitar in the Volga.
  • Do not kill the people found in the west of the Gas Station in a ritual who are waiting by the dock on the small island as prisoners in a Big Bandit Camp. also, free these particular prisoners.
  • Do not kill the Soldiers in the Church.
  • Do not kill the soldiers while sneaking through the barge at the end of the chapter.
  • Do not kill the soldiers on the bridge when you are leaving Volga.
  • You need to confront the father without alerting any guards to Save Duke.
In Caspian
  • Do not kill any Slaves present in this chapter.
  • Do not kill the enemy soldier who attacks you on the rooftop. his name is saul and if you don’t kill him, you be able to get access to his quests which you need to complete.
  • At the Slave camps present in the Mine and the Shipwreck. you will need to use stealth and knockout out all guards and save the slaves.
  • Liberate the Prison present in this map and release all the prisoners.
  • Do not kill the wounded soldiers present at the Lighthouse battle.
  • Collect and deliver the family photo which can be found in the government facility present under the lighthouse.
In Taiga
  • Do not kill the forest tribe members. just use stealth to sneak past them.
  • Do not kill the wounded forest tribe members.
  • Do not Kill the unarmed forest tribals you encounter.
Bad Ending

To get this ending you will need to do the complete opposite of what needs to be done in Good Endings. furthermore, two of the three characters Duke, Damir, and Alyosha needs to die during your playthrough.

What Happens In Good Ending and Bad Ending In Metro Exodus

Bad Ending – in this Ending Artyom will get poisoned from radiation and dies while trying to return to the Aurora with the medicine for Anna. the medicine would help Anna survive but the game ends with Burial of Artyom.

Good Ending – in this ending Artyom get poisoned but gets a blood transfusion from the characters who he helped during the story. but Colonel Miller Sacrifices himself as he gives the anti-rads to Artyom.

Finally, Artyom becomes the leader and leads other characters and Aurora to a safe place which they can now call Home.

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