Anthem – How To Complete A Helping Hand Contract Mission


Anthem will be the new online multiplayer action role-playing game from Developer Bioware and Publisher Electronic Arts. it features a third person shooter genre with a big Sci-fi open world.

The game brings both solo and co-op mode which supports up to a four-person team. the players assume the role of Freelancer who equips exosuits called Javelins to protect the last human settlement from outside threats.

How To Complete A Helping Hand Contract Mission In Anthem

While progressing through the game you will be able to complete many story missions, side story, missions, world events and more.

One of the contract mission in the game is called A Helping Hand. in this particular mission, you will need to recover lost Freelancer Gear which is easy to complete but the problem is that the location is not marked by the game which makes it a bit confusing.

So below you will find a guide which will show all the location where you need to go to complete this mission.

Anthem A Helping Hand Contract

Recover Lost Freelancer Gear (Marked as Green)

You need to go to this location marked on the map. here you will find the outlaws so deal with them. after that, in the same area, you will need to open the 5 crates.

Just note that this location is not marked on the map. so just go there to unlock the waypoint. once you reach the location the compass will point out everything you need to know.

Search for and Assist Ambushed Sentinels (Marked as Red)

After completing the previous task the next objective waypoint will be marked on your map. here you will find four sentinels trapped in spider webs. to free them just shoot the webs and also kills the enemies in the area.

Sabotage Outlaw Plans to Establish a Camp (Marked as Dark Blue)

Then you will need to proceed towards the outlaws camp. here you will need to destroy the machine guns and defeat all the enemies.

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