Anthem – How To Clean Javelin Suits And How Wear States Work

Anthem Wear States and Cleaning suits

Anthem has been finally released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. it has been published by Electronic Arts and Developer Bioware and will be an open world sci-fi game which features an online third person shooter.

The players will enter the world as Freelancers a group of heroes who use Javelin suits to explore the unknown environment and protect humanities from marauders, savage beasts, and more.

How To Clean Javelin Suits And How Wear States Work In Anthem

Throughout the game, you will be able to use various types of Javelins but you will notice soon that your exosuits is looking quite worn out.

So now you will want to clean and fix the Javelin suit to make it look brand new. the only problem is that the game does not explain how to make them look clean.

So below you will find a guide on how to clean the Javelin suit and also how the Wear states work.

Wear States And Its Connection To Cleaning Javelins

Just note that the game does not have a function to actually clean and fix your Javelin suit. so to make it look brand new you will need to use Wear states.

At the beginning of the game, you will find dirty or standard wear states which do not make your Javelin look good.

To make your Javelin look clean you will need the Clean Wear state and to get them you will need to increase your reputation level among the Freelancers Faction.

At level 1 reputation you will get Standard wear state and level 2 reputation will get the clean wear state and at level 3 reputation you will get the new wear state.

How To Check and Increase Your Freelancer Reputation

To check your reputation level for the Freelancer Reputation. just go to Challenges tabs and then select Faction. here you will find the Freelancer Loyalty option.

To increase the level you will need to complete the challenges listed in it to increase your Reputation. just increase the level and you will get good wear state to make your Javelin brand new.

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