Metro Exodus – Location Of All Suit And Weapon Upgrades In Caspian

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus will be the latest game based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels. the third installment of the game will follow the event from Last Light with the Protagonist Artyom along with her partner Anna.

You will once again venture through ruined post-apocalyptic Russia leading the band of Spartan Rangers to the east in search for a new prosperous life.

Location Of All Suit And Weapon Upgrades In Caspian Desert Map In Metro Exodus

While progressing through the game you will be able to unlock and equip many different suits and weapons upgrades for Artyom.

These upgrades will improve the suit durability and functionality. furthermore, the weapons will be able to hold more ammo and deal more damage.

So in this guide, you will find the location of all the suit and weapon upgrade present in Caspian Desert map.

Upgrades For Suits And Weapon (Caspian) In Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Suit And Weapon Upgrades Caspian

Armoured Gas Mask (Marked as Red) – In the canyon reach the end of the cave and then defeat all enemies. doing this will give you access to a ladder. use it and you will arrive at a place where you will find the upgrade.

Extra Bright Light (Marked as Pink) – In this location, you will find a trapped safe house. so avoid it, get inside and you will find the upgrade.

Bulldog machine gun (Marked as Deep Blue) – One of the many locations which contain the bulldog machine gun. you can find it on the body of the enemies attacking the lighthouse.

Night Vision Scope, Heavy Stock, Single Column Mag (Marked as Light Blue) – In this location, you will find a safe house with booby traps. get inside safely and you will find Night vision scope. plus you will also find weapon related attachment such as Single column magazine and Heavy stock.

Motion Tracker and Gatling Gun (Marked as Light Green) – In this location, you will find a shipwreck which contains the motion sensor upgrade and the Gatling gun.

Valve assault grip, Stock, Forend (Marked as Yellow) – In this location, you will find the valve assault grip, forend, and stock for the valve gun.

Shambler with three Small Cylinder (Marked as light brown) – You will arrive as a part of the story mission Yamantau. on the roof, you will be attacked and this attacker will drop the Shambler shotgun with three cylinders.

Ashot/Shambler Suppressor (Marked as orange) – In this location, you will find a canyon and at the end of it you will see a camp which contains the suppressor which fits both Ashot and Shambler.

6x Sniper Scope (Marked as White) – Here you will find a crane and get attacked by a sniper. just kill him and loot him to get the 6x Sniper Scope.

Reinforced Armoured Helmet, Ashot Quad Barrel attachment (Marked as Dark Green) – In this location, you will find a shipwreck and contains the Reinforced Helmet in the first area and in the top back you will find a bridge where you will find the Ashot quad barrel attachment which fires two barrels.

Increased Consumable Carrier/Inventory Pack (Marked as Purple) – In this location, you will find a cliff which has a small cave. inside the cave, you will find the consumable carrier upgrade for carrying more medkits and air filters.

Night vision amplifier (NVD) – (Marked as Black/ the in-game pointer is on it) – In this location, you will need to fight against various mutant beasts and reach the top of the main building to get the Night vision amplifier.

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