Crackdown 3 – Location Of All Unique Weapons/ Guns

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 has finally arrived on Xbox One and PC and takes place after the events of CD 2 which was first released nine years ago in 2010.

The new installment has been created by Publisher Xbox Game Studios and Developer Sumo Digital and follows the story of Commander Jaxon who along with the Agents need to save the City of New Providence from unknown enemies.

Location Of All Unique Weapons In Crackdown 3

Throughout the game progression, you will be able to use various agents against the armies of enemies from the mysterious organization Terra Nova.

To deal with them you will need to get good weapons. but to get them you will need to get progress into the story.

So below you will find the location of unique weapons which can be obtained at the early stages of the game to deal massive damage.

How Do You Get New Weapons In The Game

At the beginning of the game, you will need to complete the tutorial like the part where you will need to escape the facility by defeating a mini-boss.

Once you escape you will enter a free roam mode from here you can get to all the location of the map and pick up the weapon.

Weapon Stash – once you defeat an enemy just pick up their weapon and add them to the stash. you can then access these weapons from any supply points for use.

Location Of All Unique Weapons (List is work in progress)

Mass Driver – In Dumping grounds – slightly right from the center of this region. you will need to look for two billboard signs on ground level. between these boards, you will find the gun.

Homing Rocket – In Picker’s Pen, Containment – you will need to go the western side of Picker’s Pen. when you arrive there you will get notified that you are in the containment site. here next to one of the containers you will find the weapon.

Decimator – In Picker’s Pen, Bootleg’s Bargain – go the eastern part of the picker’s pen. here you will need to look for a store named Bootleg Bargains. just behind it, you will find the weapon.

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