Crackdown 3 – Location Of All The 15 Characters/ Agent DNA Orbs

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 has been finally released on PC and Xbox One. it will be an action-adventure video game created by Developer Sumo Digital and Publisher Xbox Game Studios.

The new iteration will be the third installment in the Crackdown series and will retain the core gameplay from its predecessors. but with better graphics, HD sounds, and fun mayhem-filled gameplay.

Location Of All The 15 Characters/ Agent DNA Orbs In Crackdown 3

While progressing through the game you will be able to obtain different types of weapons, vehicles, and the best of all enhanced agent to fight against the armies of enemies.

There are a total of twenty-one different characters with unique stats and fifteen of them are locked. some of them are good at shooting, some have high strength, some are good with vehicles and more.

So below you will find the location of all the 15 Agent characters. each of them can be unlocked from the beginning of the game. just get to the Agent orb, interact with it and you will get the character in Crackdown 3.

Location Of All Agent Orbs/ Characters

Agent #1 Lazar: in Sulphur Spits – located at the top of the dirt mound in the center of the zone.

Agent #2 Marshall: The Exchange – located on the rooftop in the southwest corner.

Agent #3 Bartrom: Oasis Precinct – located by the highway tunnel.

Agent #4 Hicks: Picker’s Pen – located on the eastern side of the map next to the bootleg bargains’ store.

Agent #5 Anderson: Founder’s Footsteps – located on the eastern shore, east from the exchange station.

Agent #6 Nikias: in Khan’s Scar – located on the tall southwestern edge of the massive base facing the ocean.

Agent #7 Ramos: in New Pantheon – located near the Terranova HQ supply point. so just spawn there, turn left and look down to see the building below with triangle shape. you will need to drop on it to get the Agent.

Agent #8 Mensah: The vision – here the agent is located on top of a building which cannot be scaled. so climb the tallest building and then look around for smaller structure on which you can drop down but cannot climb it.

Agent #9 Petrov: in The Refinery – located on the Tall pavilion inside the giant statue

Agent #10 Varma: Dumping Grounds – located along the shore under a white greenhouse like dome structure.

Agent #11 Cuan: Ashwood Marina – located on the green toxic island. here you need to go to the middle of the small lake which is beside the race track

Agent #12 Schmidt: in Ashwood Marina – located at top of the glowing red buildings, near the shore and the race track.

Agent #13 Baresi: in Ashwood Marina – located on the giant overhang just above the race track bleachers.

Agent #14 Gadise: Southern Heights – spawn at the supply point central slums and then look at the shore beyond the bridge.

Agent #15 Walker: Southern Heights – just like Agent #8 this too is located on an unscalable building. so climb the tallest building which is media center building and then jump to the smaller building on the west side of this area.

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