Anthem – Where And How To Get Your Pre-Order Items


Anthem was the first revealed at E3 2014 and now after five years, it has been released on all major platforms. it is fully online multiplayer where players will be able to team up with other players or ride solo.

The action role-playing game from Developer Bioware and Publisher Electronic Arts features powerful exosuits known as Javelin which will be used by players to protect the Fort and also complete various objectives in the open world.

Where And How To Get Your Pre-Order Items In Anthem

The pre-ordered version of the game is now live for all players on PC, PS4, and Xbox. but the pre-ordered version not only gives early access but also give you some sweet exclusive items.

The only problem is that getting them can be a bit confusing as the game does not explain or give proper instruction on how to get them.

So below you will find a guide on how to get the Pre-order DLC items easily.

Where And How To Get Access To Pre-Order Items

To get your Pre-Order items you will first need to go to the Fort Tarsis. there you will need to get access to the Vanity Store.

But to do that you will need to complete at least three or four normal missions until you get a new mission called the Lighting a Fire from the man named Prospero.

In his mission, you will need to collect three embers for him which will be used to relight the forge. you can get these embers by going outside in the open world and then loot the Bandit camps and the crafting nodes which are pretty easy to do. you can also get them by harvesting minerals and organic materials from rocks and plants.

After you complete his mission he will be able to open his shop from where you can buy different skins.

In this particular store, you need to go to the Rewards tab and here you will find all the Pre-Order DLC items. now you just need to claim them all and to equip them just customize your Javelin.

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