Anthem – Fix For Server Issues, Not Downloading, Framerate and More


Anthem has been finally released by Publisher Electronic Arts and Developer Bioware on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. it will be an online multiplayer action role-playing game where players wear powerful exoskeletons suits with super abilities.

The story of the game is set on a dystopian sci-fi world and players enter it as Freelancers a group of heroes who explore the unknown world and protect humanity.

Fix For Server Issues, Not Downloading, Framerate and More In Anthem

Just like most online multiplayer game Anthem too comes with some bugs, errors, glitches and more which are preventing players from enjoying the game.

So below you will find the list of bugs, errors, and other problems and the solution to possibly fix them.

Black Screen Issue

If you are getting the black screen error you will need to update your graphics card driver. if you are playing in Bordless make it fullscreen.

You should also close any overlay you are using such as MSI Afterburner, Geforce recording, and other programs.

Framerate/ FPS Drop And Other Issue.

This problem would make the seem laggy and somewhat choppy preventing players from enjoying and playing the game.

To fix this go the video settings and look if you are running the game in Borderless window. if you then switch it to fullscreen and the FPS issue should be fixed.

But if this does not help try updating the graphics drivers to the latest version or if you believe that everything is fine on your end then you need to wait for the patch from the dev.

Server Shut Down

This is currently one of the major problem affecting the game which prevents the user from joining the game world from the menu or just straight prevents the user from logging into the game.

To fix it you just need to keep trying as this is a server issue from the game’s end and you cannot do anything about it.

No Server Matching Your Configuration Found

This problem is similar to the previous problem and prevents the user from joining the game.

To fix this problem you should try restarting the Origin client and your internet connection. but if it does not work then you need to wait for the developers to fix this issue.

Where to find Anthem EA Access Download on Xbox One

If you are facing this problem then it might not be available in your region yet because it is still too early. but if it is already past the time for release in your region. then do the following

Go to the shop and then from the “coming soon” section open up the game’s page and select the “in this bundle” button.

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