Metro Exodus – Location Of All Dairies And Postcards In Moscow Map

Metro Exodus dairy and postcard in Moscow

Metro Exodus will be the latest game based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels. it will be the fourth game in the Metro Series and the third installment for the main series following the event from 2033 and Last Light.

Just like it, predecessors, it too would be a first-person game with some old features like scavenging for resources, crafting, and more but it also brings some new changes like a weather system, day and night cycle, deep weapon customizations and more.

Location Of All Dairies And Postcards In Moscow Map In Metro Exodus

While progressing through the game you will be able to collect several different collectibles to unlock new trophies and achievements.

The Dairies and Postcards are some of the collectibles you will find the game and if you are able to collect them then you will earn Librarian and Old world pictures trophy.

So in this guide, you will find the location of all the Postcards and Dairies present in Chapter 1 Moscow in Chronological order.

Location Of All Diary And Postcards in Moscow Map

Dairy #1 – After your first enemy encounter in this map, go further up the visible track and then turn right to find the “Half Torn Notebook” dairy on a candlelit desk.

Dairy #2 – Once you wake up after being dragged away from the watchmen ambush. you will find the diary “Patient File” on a desk with flask and mugs.

Postcard #1 – Before entering the green door to talk to Anna. there is a postcard on a green locked present on the right.

Postcard #2 – while following Anna down the set of stairs when you are outside. do not follow her to the 2nd set of stairs instead just go through the door on the left and you will find the postcard by the window on the wall.

Dairy #3 – from the previous postcard location go to the room on the left and you will find the “Dusty Diary” located on a small table.

Dairy #4 – Now keeping following Anna and when you get ambushed by watchmen kill all of them. then you need to look for a corpse leaning against a door. the body will have the “Shopping List” Dairy.

Dairy #5 – Follow Anna down the escalators and you will soon enter a blue bus. this will have the “Shura’s note” dairy on the right.

Dairy #6 – Proceed a little from the Dairy #5 and you will need to crawl under some logs. just ahead you will a corpse with the “Crumpled Letter” diary on it.

Dairy #7 – After reuniting with Anna you will find the diary “Official Note” in the middle of the console/computer panels where the commander is present.

Dairy #8 – After getting Dairy #7 you will soon arrive at a red door. go through it and look for the “Memo” dairy on the left on a desk.

Dairy #9 – After you board the train and take care of the soldier through the window. go to the left car by crouching and you will find a desk on the left which has the “Official Letter” diary.

Dairy #10 – After passing through the machine gun cart, look for a desk on the right and you will find the “Crumbled Note” dairy.

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