Metro Exodus – How To Detach Trains In Moscow Map/ Brakeman Trophy

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is now finally available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. you will once again take the role of Artyom and venture through ruined Russia trying to escape it in search for a better life.

The post-apocalyptic world has a weather system, day and night cycle, deep weapon customization, and a story mode where your decisions will affect the fate of your comrades and the ending.

How To Detach Trains In Moscow Map/ Brakeman Trophy In Metro Exodus

While progressing through the game you will be able to complete certain story tasks which will unlock new trophies/achievements.

The Brakeman Trophy is one of the many achievements which is unlocked by completing story-related activities and in this case you need to detach train cars at the end of Moscow map.

But doing it can be a bit tricky as the game does not tell how to do it. so in this guide, you will find how to detach and get the trophy.

Detaching The First Train Car

To unhook the train cars in the Moscow map train chase part. you will first need to jump onto the enemy train and then enter the first car by climbing on the side of the train.

Then proceed until you reach a red light train car. at the end of this red light car, you will see a light blue door. just approach this door and look to the side towards the red warning sign.

Doing this will give you a prompt of interacting with the mechanism which attaches the two train car. so just interact with it and you will get Detach the first car.

Detaching The Second Train Car

Now you need to proceed through the train until you reach the car which has a dirty curtain at the end and other machines in it. here you need to pass the curtain and approach the door of next train car.

Now just move your aim towards the red warning sign and you will get the prompt to detach the car. when you have detached the two train car you will get the Brakeman Trophy.

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