Metro Exodus – How To Kill The Giant Catfish/ Fisherman Trophy

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is now available on all major platforms like PS4, Xbox One, and PC. it has been created by Developer 4A Games and Publisher Deep Silvers and just like its predecessors would be a first-person game.

The new iteration of the game will be the third installment in the series and will the sequel to Metro Last Light. you will once again play as Artyom and fight against mutated beasts, paranormal forces, and other hostile human factions.

How To Kill The Giant Catfish/ Fisherman Trophy In Metro Exodus

Throughout the game you will face many different enemies, some of the enemies are easy to fight and some are quite hard and can cause frustrations and confusion.

One such enemy is the Giant Catfish in the Volga Chapter, in the terminal. no amount of bullets will harm it and to make things worse it keeps following you.

So in this guide, you will learn how to kill the Fish easily without wasting any resources.

How To Kill the Giant Catfish And Get The Trophy

To kill the fish you will need to activate the trap. so just proceed through the game until you reach the Terminal section in the far east part of the map.

Here you will need to enter the small control room located next to the main entrance. when you get inside, just turn towards the water and you will find two levers on the left, three ropes holding dead bodies in the middle, and another rope on the right.

Now you need to pull the rope on the right which will ring the bell. this will alert the fish and will come rushing towards you and also try to destroy the control room but it won’t be able to do it.

With the giant fish near you, cut one of the dead bodies rope. the body will fall and the fish will start eating it.

Now you just pull the lever on the right to drop big stones on it. this will kill the Giant Fish and you will get the Fisherman Trophy.

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