Metro Exodus – How To Get And Craft More Ammo

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus will be the latest addition to the Metro series. it is the third installment and a sequel to the Metro Last Light and will once again follow the adventure of Artyom the protagonist.

The latest edition of the game has been created by Publisher Deep Silver and Developer 4A Games. it will bring some old features like scavenge, crafting but also brings new features like deep customizations, day and night cycle and more.

How To Get And Craft More Ammo In Metro Exodus

Throughout the game, you will be able to use various weapons to fight different types of mutants, and hostile enemies.

But your weapons would not be very useful if you do not have any ammo in the game. although you will get plenty of ammo while progressing through the game but if you are not careful you will lose them pretty quickly.

So in this guide, you will find how to get and craft ammo for your weapons easily.

Different Ways To Get Ammo

Looting Human Enemies – almost all the hostile humans in the game have guns on them which means they also have ammo. so all you need to do is kill the enemies and loot their bodies.

Dismantling Weapons – while you get ammo by looting bodies. you can gain some more by dismantling their weapons. to dismantle them just hold B on Xbox One and Circle on PS4.

Crafting the Ammo – this is by far the most reliable and fast way to gain a good amount of ammo quickly. all the ammo types in the game require two types of crafting materials and that is chemicals and gears.

Both of these materials can be found while progressing through the game and by dismantling the weapons.

Once you have a good amount of crafting materials. just go to any nearby Workbench which is mostly present in a safe house and Aurora. when you find a workbench interact with it and go to the first tab where you will find the list of all ammo and the ingredients you need.

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