Metro Exodus – Electric Doors Puzzle Solution/ Battery Charge Controller

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus has been finally released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. it has been created by Publisher Deep Silver and Developer 4A Games and will be a first-person Shooter game.

The story of the game takes place in 2036 two years after the events from Metro: Last Light on a Post Apocalyptic Earth. now Artyom must once again venture into the devastated part of Russia while riding the Aurora to stop the emergence of evil plans.

Electric Doors Puzzle Solution/ Battery Charge Controller In Metro Exodus

While progressing through the game you will come across various different puzzles. some of them are easy and some are hard.

One such puzzle in the game is in the Volga which involves electrified doors and behind these doors is the Battery Charge Controller, a suit upgrade.

So in this guide, you will find how to solve the Electrified doors in Chapter 3 – Volga and get the Battery Charge Controller.

Solution To The Electric Doors In Volga

Metro Exodus

To unlock the Electric doors you will need to first go the tiny island present in the south of Volga region. the location is marked as red on the map above.

When you arrive on the island you will need to go southern part where you will find a wooden shack which has a metal container behind it.

Now on the left side of the metal container, you will find some Gas can. pick them up and go inside the shed and put the gas in the generator and turn it on.

Once it is on, go inside the big wooden house. here you will need to go near the metal bar door and then flip the switch present on the left.

Now from the metal bar door go outside and climb to the roof using the wooden planks on the right. on the roof turn right and you will find green glowing mushrooms. so just drop down from the hole next to the mushroom and there you will find a yellow fuse box, interact with it.

After this go to red door and unlock it. then just turn left and go back to the Metal bar door room from which you previously came from.

Now go to the vault-like door present on the left and flip the switch to the right of the door. enter this room and then pull the yellow lever, this will kill the man and you will be able to pick up the Battery Charge Controller from the body.

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