Far Cry New Dawn – Location Of All The Fish/ You’re a Catch Trophy

Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn is finally available on all major platforms like PS4, Xbox One, and PC. it will be a sequel to Far Cry 5 and a spin-off title based in Hope county

The new iteration has been created by Developer Ubisoft Montreal and Publisher Ubisoft and will be the thirteenth edition in the FC series following the events of FC 5 with new characters.

Location Of All The Fish/ You’re a Catch Trophy In Far Cry New Dawn

While progressing through the game you will be able to unlock various types of trophies and achievements which are related to different activities.

One of the achievements in the game is called You’re a Catch which can be achieved when you catch all the six different fish.

So below you will find a guide on the location of all the fish and some tips to catch them easily.

Things To Do Before You Go On The Fishing Trip

You cannot catch the fishes with your hand or weapons. so you will need a Fishing rod and to get it you will need to get the Fishing rod perk. unlocking it will add the fishing rod option to your weapon wheel.

Now with the fishing rod, you catch the fish but to make the catching process easier you should also unlock the Outdoor Enthusiast perk which is very good and effective.

Location of all the Fish In Far Cry New Dawn

Map #1

Far Cry New Dawn Fish

Bull Trout (Marked as green on map 1) – located slightly down from west of the Chop Shop, near the water.

Chinook Salmon (Marked as pink on map 1) – located directly west from Broken Forge outpost, but catch the fish from the left side of the river.

Rainbow Trout (Marked as red on map 1) – located southwest from The Chop Shop at the southern edge of the map. once you reach there you will find houses. from these houses go southwest and just at the beginning of the trees fish for the Rainbow Trout.

Smallmouth Bass (Marked as yellow on the map 1) – located directly south from Broken Forge outpost, near the water.

Map #2

Far Cry New Dawn Fish

Paddlefish Sturgeon (Marked as yellow map 2) – located slightly southeast from The Watering hole outpost and directly east from The Island outpost. you need to fish on the upper side of the small stretched island.

Largemouth Bass (Marked as red on map 2) – located southeast from Sacred Lumber and southwest from Trailer Town, near the river.

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