Far Cry New Dawn – Location Of All Ten Outpost (Liberation Points)

Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn will be the new addition to the Far Cry series. it has been created by Publisher Ubisoft and Developer Ubisoft Montreal and just like the previous game it too would be first-person game.

It will be a spin-off and a narrative sequel to FC 5. so it brings a lot of same features like Gun for hire, liberating location, collectibles, and more. but within a new story with new characters.

Location Of All 10 Outpost In Far Cry New Dawn

Throughout the game, you will need to earn Ethanol to upgrade your base and get good weapons, items, and other equipment and to get it you will need to capture Outpost.

Outpost not only give Ethanol but it also act as fast travels points, helipads, garages, and more. they also reveal points of interest like Guns For Hire, Fish, treasure hunts and more.

So in this guide, you will find the location of all the 10 Outpost which can be captured allowing you to you navigate through map easily.

Location Of All 10 Outpost In Far Cry New Dawn

Map Part #1 (All Blue Wings Sign Are Outpost)

Far Cry New Dawn Outpost

The Chop Shop – located at the southern part of the map. refer to the map

Broken Forge – located northwest from The Chop Shop near the mountain foot.

The Refinery – located northeast from The Chop Shop outpost near the river which divides the land mass.

Signal Point – located northwest from The Refinery outpost and north from The Chop on top of a mountain.

The Pantry – located north from Signal Point outpost and northwest from The Refinery outpost. just slightly left from the upper part of the river.

Map #2 – (All Blue Wings Sign Are Outpost)

Far Cry New Dawn Outpost


Sacred Lumber – located northeast from The Refinery and east from the Signal point outpost. on the upper land mass.

Trailer Town – located northeast from the Sacred Lumber outpost, near the edge of the map.

The Watering Hole – located north from Sacred Lumber outpost and northwest from Trailer Town outpost, just near the water on the top left corner of the map.

Empty Garden – located northeast from Sacred Lumber and southeast from The watering hole outpost, near the edge of the map.

The island – located northeast from the Pantry and northwest from the watering hole outpost, it is on a small isolated island on topmost part of the map.

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