Far Cry New Dawn – Location Of All Guns For Hire And How To Get Them

Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn has been finally released on PC, PS4, Xbox One. it has been created by Developer Ubisoft Montreal and Publisher Ubisoft and just like its predecessor would be a first-person shooter game.

The new title would be a narrative sequel of Far Cry 5 and is set seventeen years after the nuclear exchange which was termed the collapse. now the survivors are attempting to rebuild the Hope county but are still threatened by remnants of Project at Eden’s.

Location Of All Guns For Hire And How To Get Them In Far Cry New Dawn

Throughout the game, you will find many different weapons, vehicles, and other customization to improve your characters capability to fight against the enemies.

To make you even stronger the Guns for hire will be returning to give you companions who will help you in combat with their unique skills.

There are eight different Guns for Hire and finding them will unlock the Closed for Applications achievements. so below you will find their location and how to unlock them.

Location Of All Guns For Hire In Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn Guns For Hire

Carmine – She is unlocked from the beginning of the game and will be your starting companion.

The Judge – He is automatically unlocked when you complete the Act 2 story mission “Joseph’s Secret”.

Gina Guerra (Marked as red on map) – She becomes available at the start of Act 2 in prosperity which can be found at the southern edge of the map. to unlock her complete the “Mo’ Mommies, Mo’ Problems” side quest. just note that you need to have recruited Sharky who is a story related specialist.

Pastor Jerome (Marked as blue on map) – He can be found at Ramone’s Lookout which is located at the southern part of the map, east of Rye and Daughter Aviation. to unlock him complete the Jerome comes Home.

Nana (Marked as green on map) – She can be found at the center of the map at a place called Nana’s perch which is located slightly southeast from the signal point outpost. to unlock her you will need to complete the “Crow’s Feet Eagle’s Eyes”.

Horatio (Marked as yellow on the map) – The wild boar can be found at Elsinore Farm which is located northwest from the Pantry outpost. to unlock and recruit complete the side mission “To Love a Boar” which involves setting free the Boar from the cage.

Timber (Marked as pink on the map) – The dog can be found at Meatfort located at the western part near the mountain. you reach there by going east from Broken Forge Outpost. to unlock and recruit him, complete the side mission “Men Eat Dog World”.

Hurk Drubman Jr. – He can be found at the upper northeast corner of the whole map, southeast from the trailer town outpost. you will find him in front of a tunnel. to unlock and recruit him, complete his side mission “Days of Blunder”.

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