Far Cry New Dawn – How To Earn Ethanol Quickly

Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn will be the spinoff sequel to the Far Cry 5 and takes place in post-apocalyptic Hope county which was destroyed due to Father’s Nuclear destruction.

The new story features new characters and story which takes place seventeen years after the apocalypse. as a survivor, you will be rebuilding the county but an organized bandit led by twin sisters Mickey and Lou is creating a new threat to the world and you need to stop them.

How To Earn Ethanol Quickly In Far Cry New Dawn

Throughout the progression of the game, you will need to upgrade your home base located in Prosperity, doing this will let you craft better weapons, vehicles, and more health.

But to upgrade them you will need to get Ethanol which can be a bit tricky to get at early stages of the game.

So below you will find the guide, on how to get Ethanol which will help you upgrade your base and also unlock My Little Fortress Trophy achievement.

Ethanol from Outposts – 100 – 450 Ethanol

The easiest way to get Ethanol in the game is from Outposts. there are a total of 10 outposts you can locate them easily by looking for the black smoke on the map.

You can capture this Outpost to earn ethanol. to increase the ethanol earning capture the outposts in stealth. capturing in stealth give +150.

Once the outpost is captured scavenge it. this will cause a reset which will increase the rank of the Outpost and harder difficulty enemies will take over it.

If you defeat the enemies of these higher difficulty outposts and capture it. you will get more ethanol than you normally would. this ranking can go up to Rank 3 and these outposts give 300 ethanol per capture.

Just keep in mind that these outpost missions get very chaotic and if you try to do the Rank 3 outpost at early stages of the game then it can get very hard as you would not have proper weapons and equipment.

So the best way to do them is to capture all the outpost at Rank 1 and then all Rank 2 and then all Rank 3. you can even do the Rank 3 outpost after clearing all Rank 1 outpost as then you will have enough Ethanol to upgrade your kits.

Ethanol From Tanker Trucks – 75 Ethanol

Occasionally you will find Ethanol Trucks on the road which contains Ethanol. to get them, liberate an outpost. then just stand near the road located near the outpost and stand there for a few minutes.

When you find a truck stop it, kill all enemies, and steal the truck and finally take it to the outpost. just keep in mind that these trucks are highly explosive. so be careful with your guns.

Ethanol from Supply Drops Reward – 35-40 Ethanol

The supply drops are delivered by random Airplanes. to find them look for a red marker in the game world and here you would find a yellow smoke crate.

These yellow smoke crates are guarded by a small group of enemies which are easy to deal with. the only problem is that these crates are very random.

To increase your chance of finding these crates just go to any nearby hunting spot. now you need to wait for a few minutes and the supply drop might appear.

To Unlock the My Little Fortress Trophy you will need to just use your earned Ethanol and fully upgrade the Prosperity Home base.

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