Apex Legends – How To Unlock All Trophies/ Achievements

Apex Legends

Apex Legends the new free first-person battle royale game from Developer Respawn entertainment and Publisher Electronic arts has been a massive success in all major platforms.

The fast-paced gameplay, high mobility, and characters with unique abilities have managed to draw 25 million players in just one week and would most likely be the number one game in the Battle Royale genre.

How To Unlock All Trophies/ Achievements In Apex Legends

Just like most of the free games in Apex too you will find plenty of unlockables weapons skins, characters skins, pose, and much more.

The game also comes with its own Trophies and achievements. currently, there are three different tier of achievements/ Trophies which contains 12 different trophies.

So below you will find a guide on how to unlock all the trophies/ achievements easily.

Bronze Trophies/ Achievements

Decked out – You need to equip legendary helmet and body armor at the same time. you can get both these items at the High Tier loot locations present on the map. you can follow the guide listed below to know the location of all the high tier loots.

Team Player – Respawn a teammate. this should be fairly easy. you just need to get the banner from your killed teammate and then respawn them for a green beacon nearby.

Fully Kitted – equip all the attachments of any weapon. to do this you need to keep looting and looking for attachments for any one of your weapons. you can get plenty of attachments in High Tier loot region.

Jumpmaster – Be a jumpmaster five times. you can do this by hoping to be the jumpmaster or you can ask your teammate who is a jumpmaster to assign you the Jumpmaster role. just note that you need to jump five times as a jumpmaster not just get the title.

Silver Trophies/ Achievements

The Player – Reach level 50 on your Apex Legends profile. to get this you need to grind the game as much as you can. to level up faster you can do the following.

  • Play with your friends – this will give you a higher 5% more Exp points.
  • Get Kills – the higher the kills the more exp you get.
  • Survive as long as you can – increase the time of your survival.
  • Kill the champion – to get this you need to be lucky to find the champion. but if you are able to kill him you will get 500Xp for that one kill.
  • Kill the Kill leader – if you are able to kill the kill leader than this will also give you a significant amount of XP.

Well Rounded – To get this trophy you will need to deal 5000 damage with eight different legends.

Kill Leader – To get his trophy you need to keep killing in a single match until you get the highest number of kills, once you get the highest kill you will get the Kill leader achievement.

Apex offense – Win the game with offensive characters which are Wraith, Bangalore or Mirage.

Apex Defense – win the game with defensive characters which are Caustic and Gibraltar.

Apex Support – win the game with supportive characters such as Lifeline or Pathfinder.

Apex Recon – Win the game with recon characters which is Bloodhound.

Gold Trophies/ Achievements

Apex Legends – win the game with eight different Legends characters.

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