God Eater 3 – How To Play Assault Missions With Your Friends

God Eater 3

God Eater 3 will be the ninth iteration in the GE series and will be the third installment for the main series featuring a player created protagonist from the port of Pennywort.

Sticking to its root the game will bring the same hack and slash gameplay. it brings plenty of features like Blood Arts, Accel Trigger, Engage System and more which offers very deep customization of both your characters, abilities, and weapons.

How To Play Assault Missions With Your Friends In God Eater 3

The game offers various different game modes for players to enjoy and grind through to earn different types of rewards and achievements.

Assault Missions is one of the many missions you can play in the game. this mode offers an eight-player co-op mission. but the only problem is that you cannot enter with a premade party.

So in this guide, you will learn how you can join the same Assault Missions with your friends in God Eater 3.

Required Setting Before Joining The Missions

First, you need to log into your steam launcher. then click the Steam tab located on the top left corner of the steam client.

Here click on the setting tabs and then select the Downloads tabs. now you will be able to see Download region.

Here you need to select a region in which you and your friends want to play. just note that both you and friends need to select the same download region.

Once you have done the above step you can move on to the next step of joining the game.

Joining Assault Mission with Friends

To do this ask all your friends who are going to play the Assault mission orders to ready up at the Mission orders menu.

When everyone is ready to make one of the friends to enter the Assault Mission which you want to do. when the chosen friend enters the preparation screen. ask the rest of the members to click on the Assault Mission.

This will send the rest of the party members into the same region where they will find an icon next to the mission they are queued up for.

Now ask the members to click on the mission which was selected by the chosen friend and everyone will arrive in the same game.

Chances of being in the Same mission

Now you must be thinking that this would require perfect timing to play in the same mission with your friends but it really does not. the mission preparation is 30 seconds long which gives a perfect window for your friends to join.

Sometimes you may find random people filling up the slots before your friends. but the chances of that happening is very rare.

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