Apex Legends – Best Weapon Loadout For Beginner and Advance Players

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has become a new hit battle royale game and the secret release from Developer Respawn Entertainment and Publisher Electronic Arts has been a massive success.

The game was able to reach 10 million registered players and 1 million concurrent players in a span of 72 hours and it is increasing at a rapid pace. so below you can find some tips to master the battle.

Best Weapon Loadout/ Weapon Pairing For Beginners, Intermediate and Advance Players In Apex Legends

Throughout the game, you need to gather weapons, shields, healing items, and more quickly to increase your chance of winning the game.

The game requires players to play as a team but a good loadout/ weapon pairing can enable you to do deal high damage in a short amount of time which will certainly give an edge over your opponents.

So in this guide, you will find some loadouts for Beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Just note that this is just an opinion and a loadout which works for one player may not work for another so the best way to get a suitable loadout is just practice.

Beginner Player Loadout – Spitfire LMG And Eva 8 Auto Shotgun/ Mastiff Shotgun

M600 Spitfire LMG

  • Bodyshot: 20 damage
  • Headshot: 40 damage

This LMG has a very good fire rate and does good damage furthermore it can hold 35 bullets in a magazine and has very less recoil which makes it beginner friendly. the only downside is that the reload time is a bit too long which is not preferred by Veteran FPS players.

The Eva 8 Auto

  • Bodyshot: 7 damage per bullet/ full damage 7×9 = 63
  • Headshot: 10 damage per bullet/ full damage 10×9 = 90

This shotgun does the lowest damage but it has less recoil and less punishing for new players. so it should be your choice of secondary weapon if you are new to the game.

Mastiff Shotgun

  • Bodyshot: 18 damage per bullet/ full damage 18×8 = 144
  • Headshot: 36 damage per bullet/ full damage 36×8 = 288

This shotgun does decent damage but is a bit harder to control in comparison with Evo 8 Auto. further, it holds fewer bullets per magazine so you need to make sure that you hit enemies.

Intermediate Player Loadout – Hemlok and Peacekeeper/ G7 Scout

Hemlok Burst AR

  • Bodyshot – 18 damage per bullet/ full burst = 18×3 = 54
  • Headshot = 24 damage per bullet/ full burst = 24×3 = 72

This AR gun is one of the best in its class. it releases a 3 burst rifle very quickly which can do very good damage and as it is a burst it recoils in the vertical direction which can be controlled with a little practice. the only downside is that it contains 18 bullets in a Mag. so you need to hit targets otherwise you would run out of bullets very quickly.


  • Bodyshot: 10 damage per bullet/ full damage 10×11 = 110
  • Headshot: 15 damage per bullet/ full damage 15×11 = 165

This is the best shotgun in the Apex Legends and requires some skills to master it. but what makes it even more powerful is the Hop-up attachment which lets you charge the weapon and one shot an enemy.

G7 Scout

  • Bodyshot: 30 damage
  • Headshot: 60 damage

It is a semi-auto sniper rifle which is good for mid to long range combat. it can hold 10 bullets per magazine and has a decent fire rate.

Advanced Player Loadout –  R 301 Carbine and Peacekeeper

R 301 Carbine

  • Bodyshot: 14 damage
  • Headshot: 28 damage

This weapons comes under AR category but fires like an SMG and uses light rounds. it does quite low damage but the extremely high rate of fire makes up for it. In the hand of a player with good aim, it can be very deadly.


  • Bodyshot: 10 damage per bullet/ full damage 10×11 = 110
  • Headshot: 15 damage per bullet/ full damage 15×11 = 165

As mentioned above for the intermediate players. it works well for advance players too as it simply the best shotgun and is currently a meta weapon.

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