Apex Legends – List Of Best Team Combinations/ Team Lineup

Apex Legends

Apex Legends will be the latest game from the Developer Respawn entertainment and Publisher Electronic Arts and will be a new battle royale game based in the same universe as Titanfall.

The gameplay looks like a combination of Blackout and Overwatch and has been beautifully executed. you will find a fast-paced game with eight different characters having unique abilities.

List Of Best Team Combination/ Team Lineup In Apex Legends

Throughout the game, you will be able to use various different pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles and more to fight against different enemy squads.

But as different characters have different abilities with a good team combo/ lineup can create favorable situations for themselves and can win the game.

So below you will find some of the team combos which if used properly can be very effective. more of such combos will be added as we get more information about different characters in Apex Legends.

The Aggressive Trio – Bloodhound + Bangalore + Wraith

This is one of the strongest team combos you can currently build in the game. the synergies of abilities between these three characters are extremely good and if the players using these characters have a good response time and good aim. then the result can be very good.

Bangalore’s ability to smoke an area and disrupting enemy vision works very well with Bloodhound’s Eye of the all father which enables him to see through smoke and walls. you can then also activate Beast of the hunt which will give you fast movement and better enemies sensing among the confused opponent team.

This combo lacks in defensive/healing mechanics but keeps in mind that you also have wraith whose passive can alert you when an enemy has spotted you, once you know there position use the dimensional rift to reposition your team and then use the Banglore and Bloodhound combo.

Deception Master – Bloodhound + Caustic + Mirage

Caustic’s gas-filled abilities, Mirage’s deception and decoys, and Bloodhound’s tracking ability make it one the best team to ambush and flank enemy teams.

Caustic tactical ability Nox Gas Trap can set up a very good ambush as placing them in certain choke point restricts enemy movements. further Nox Gas Grenade will create a gas-filled area and enemy trapped inside will be highlighted.

The good thing about this team is that both Bloodhound and Caustic will be able to see through smoke making them very deadly in this kind of fights. furthermore to create more confusion for enemies Mirage can use his Tactical ability and ultimate ability to deploy decoys distracting and wasting enemy ammo.

Reposition And Attack – Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Mirage

When you are getting ambushed or are fighting in an unfavorable position. then having these characters will give you higher chance in surviving, repositioning and attacking again.

Bloodhound’s Ultimate will give him faster movement speed to escape the area, Mirage’s Tactical Ability can deploy decoy to confuse enemies and Pathfinder’s grappling hook will also let it swing away from the deadly area.

Once you escape the unfavorable position your team can use the Bloodhound’s Eye of Allfather to reposition and engage with the enemy team with much better odds.

Defensive Bait And Attack – Gibraltar + Wraith, Lifeline

This lineup is good when you want a good tanky lineup and want to increase your survival chance in Apex Legends.

Gibraltar passive ability lets him go on the frontline and trade with enemy players. if things go wrong he can just use Dome of Protection and then Lifeline can heal him.

Doing this will bait the enemy into rushing towards you. using this opportunity wraith can use her ultimate to flank the enemy and if things get worse she can use the tactical ability and retreat back from the portal.

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