God Eater 3 – List Of Basic Controls And All Unique Weapon Controls

God Eater 3

God Eater 3 has been finally released on PC and PS4. it will be the latest addition to the GE series and will be the sequel to GE 2 Rage Burst.

The new iteration of the game has been created by Developer Shift and Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment and will be same action RPG with Hack and slash gameplay but with improved gameplay and many new features.

List Of Basic Controls And All Unique Weapon Controls In God Eater 3

Throughout the game, you will be able to use different types of weapon, shields, and other items to fight against various enemies.

But the game’s combat system is not really easy to understand as it brings different combinations of buttons to perform certain actions. even different weapons have different moves associated with certain button combinations.

So in this guide, you will find the basic controls and all the unique advanced weapon controls.

Basic Controls
  • Square – Light Attack (Melee Form)/ Fire Bullet 1 (Gun Form) – Square
  • Triangle – Heavy Attack (Melee Form)/Fire Bullet 2 (Gun Form)
  • Hold Triangle – Charge Devour (Melee Only)
  • Hold Triangle or Square – swap Bullets while in Gun Form.
  • Circle – Dash (Melee Form)/Roll (Gun Form)
  • X – Jump in normal mode and Can jump a second time in Burst Mode.
  • R2 + X: Dive
  • R1 – Switch between Melee or Gun Form
  • Tilt R3 – Swap Lock On Targets
  • Hold L1 – Lock On, Tip – Assault Guns, Shotguns, and Ray Guns will lock on but Snipers can’t lock on so it just zooms even further.
  • Touchpad – Bring up Item Pallet.
  • Triangle while Item Pallet is up – Bring up Command Pallet
  • R1 + Triangle – Quick/Air Devour (Melee Form)
  • R1 + Triangle –  Fire Link Burst Shot (Gun Form)
  • R1 + Circle – Guard (Melee Form)
  • R1 + Circle – Special Gun Action (Gun Form)
  • R1 + Square – Special Melee Action (Melee Form)
  • R1 + X – Melee to Gun Action (Melee Form)
Unique Weapon Controls (W.I.P)

Short Blade

  • Rising Edge – R1 + Square
  • Air Dash – Circle while in Air

Long Blade

  • Zero Stance – R1 + Square
  • Impulse Edge – R1 + Square then Hold R + Square

Buster Blade

  • Charge Crush – Hold Square
  • Parrying Upper – R1 + Square

Boost Hammer

  • Activate Boost Ignition – R1 + Square
  • Boost Rush – R1 + Square then during Boost Ignition Mash Square
  • Boost Drive – R1 + Square then during Boost Ignition Triangle
  • Boost Impact – do the Boost drive and then press R1 + Square

Charge Spear

  • Charge Glide – Hold Square
  • Backflip – R1 + Square

Variant Scythe

  • Round Fang – R1 + Square
  • Vertical Fang – R1 + Square then Triangle
  • Cleave Fang – R1 + Square then Triangle(vertical Fang) then R1 + Square

Biting Edge

  • Form Swap – R + Square
  • Aerial Bolt – R + Triangle while in Glaive Form

Heavy Moon

  • Raging Moon – Hold Square
  • Moon Axe – R1 + Mash Square
  • Moon Slash – R1 + Mash Square (Moon Axe) then Triangle

Assault Gun

  • Backward Dash – R + Circle


  • Forward Dash – R + Circle

Ray Gun

  • Oracle Reserve – R + Circle


  • Stealth Field – R + Circle

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