God Eater 3 – How To Unlock Acceleration Triggers (Accel Triggers)

God Eater 3

God Eater 3 is now available on the PC and PS4 and just like its predecessor will be an RPG hack and slash game which follows an Adaptive God Eater protagonist from the port of Pennywort.

It has been created by Developer Marvelous First Studio and Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment and comes with a deep customization option which allows players to change almost every aspect of their characters and play according to their own playstyle.

How To Unlock Acceleration Triggers (Accel Triggers) In God Eater 3

Throughout the game, you will be able to obtain many new skills, burst arts, weapons, and other upgrades to make your character more powerful.

One of the features in the game which can be used to customize your character and make them more powerful is the Accel Trigger which is a new feature.

So below you will find a guide on what is an Acceleration Trigger and how you can unlock more of them.

What is Acceleration Trigger

Acceleration Triggers or most commonly known as Accel Triggers are passive skills which give bonus damage, healing, life steal and more when you complete a specific requirement like Guarding against attacks, healing teammates, and more.

The Accel Trigger comes in four basic categories like Attack, Defense, Devour, and SUpport. these skills can be utilized further to improve your playstyle and if used to its potential it can give players permanent buff as they have refresh duration when can be triggered again and again.

How To Unlock Acceleration Triggers.

First, you need to progress into the story of the game until you gain your first basic Acceleration Trigger.

Once you get it you can start unlocking others by using the Accel Trigger that you have and leveling them up.

For example when you level up an Acceleration trigger and also fulfill the conditions enough times. you will be able to unlock the acceleration trigger which is next in the line.

Now to unlock another one just level up the new unlocked trigger and also fulfill the conditions enough times. it is sort of a chain unlocking and you can see the full details in the game itself.

The only problem with unlocking them is that some conditions can be really hard to complete and if you try to complete difficult conditions against strong enemies you will most likely die a lot.

Now you must be thinking that you will just jump into the lower easy rank missions. but there too you will face a problem and that is lack of exp.

You will unlock Acceleration Trigger but beware that you will get low exp which will be problematic as most of the improvements and upgrades in this game depends on the Exp you earn.

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