The Division 2 – Fix For Black Screen, Account Ban, Delta 01 And More

The Division 2

The Division 2 beta has been rolled out and will be able available till February 11. the sequel of the game has been created by Developer Massive Entertainment and Publisher Ubisoft and promise to bring a bigger world and bigger contents.

In this beta period of the game, players will find two story missions, five side missions in the open world and one mission in the dark zone. furthermore, you will also find Skirmish and conquest modes.

The Division 2 – Fix For Black Screen, Account Ban, Delta 01 And More

The game is out now in Beta period and just like every beta game it too has plenty of bugs, errors, and glitches which is creating problems for the gamers.

There have been many reports of connectivity errors, server problem, black screen, and the worst the account banned error.

So in this guide, you will find different sets of errors plaguing the game and also some ways you can utilize to fix them in The Division 2.

Beta Account Banned

If you just started the game and you get the account banned on your screen. then do not worry as this heart-wrenching error is caused by the game itself.

You do not need to do anything as the Dev know about it and it should be patched soon. if your problem still persists then you will need to account Ubisoft’s Support Team.

Error Code Mike 01, Error Code Oscar 01, Error Delta 03 And More

All the error codes which have reference to some names are related to connectivity issues. you will either be disconnecting from the game constantly or you might not be able to enter the game lobby.

It is still not known about what error is causing such error codes. but almost all of them are pointing to either poor connection or temporary server problems.

To resolve it you can try restarting your internet, turning off the Antivirus, or if your firewall is blocking the game whitelist it.

If the above methods do not solve your problem and you think everything is Ok at your end. then it most likely the server’s fault and the only thing you can do is wait.

Black Screen in Windowed Mode

This is error occurs when the game does not find proper Directx12 config or the anti-cheat program is detecting some other open background programs and it assuming that they are cheats and hence the black screen.

There are two ways you can resolve it first close all the overlay programs like Msi afterburner, Geforce recorder, Obs, and other programs. furthermore, you should also update your GPU to the latest version.

The second way of fixing it is a bit tricky and requires you to edit some files. so if you are not comfortable with such steps then avoid it.

  • First go the location C:\Users\your-username\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy’s The Division 2\

Then open the config file in notepad. here look for lines “dx12”, “fullscreen”, and “maximized” and then change their value to True.

No Audio/ Subtitles in Cutscene Dialogue or Gameplay

There have been several reports where players see subtitles for just a second and it disappears furthermore there is no sound which makes it even more confusing.

To fix it go to the in-game settings and turn off the Spatial sound option. if it does not help then make sure that you have updated Audio Drivers.

If the above method still does not help then you will need to wait for the devs to release a Patch to fix it.

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