Apex Legends – How To Get Good Gears Fast/ Best Loot Areas

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a new first-person battle royale game created by Publisher EA Games and Developer Respawn Entertainment for PS4, Xbox, and PC and is based in the same universe as Titanfall.

The game features eight different Legend Characters who have unique abilities similar to MOBA game. the gameplay has resemblance from Titanfall and Call Of Duty’s Blackout. but brings unique features like Reviving dead players and more.

How To Get Good Gears Fast/ Best Loot Areas In Apex Legends

As every Battle Royale, your main objective will be to fight against other teams and players and claim the first position and win the match.

But if you are not able to get good weapons, health items, and shield items your chances of surviving and winning the game would be very low.

So in this guide, you will learn how to get good gears fast and the best location for the loots which will give you a good advantage over your enemies.

Supply Ship

This is the ship you will see moving across the map at the beginning of the game. if you are a Jumpmaster and time your jump properly then you will be able to land on the ship and get your hands on the loot.

But as the ship is visible to everyone it will be a contested area. the good thing is that only good jump masters will be able to land on the ship.

If you are not good at aiming your jump yet. you can just wait for the supply ship to land on the ground. once it lands it will have new loots. the landing location is marked on the map. so once again players will be waiting for it. so be ready.

Blue Zone

At the beginning of each game, you will find a blue circle highlighted on the map. this area is known as the Blue zone and contains a high number of loot drops when compared to other areas.

The only problem is that most teams and players will head there to get hold of the loot so it will be a highly contested area.

Supply Drops

This is the most common way to gain high tier loots and it functions just like supply drop from the sky in PUBG. so expect a fight in the area where it drops.

The best way to utilize it to use it as a bait and camp. if an enemy gets near it ambush them and then loot the players and the Drop.

The Most Common Method – Searching for Supply Boxes or Hunt Players

If you missed the chance to get the loot from the other three methods. then you will need to look for supply boxes which present in all region of the map. the supply boxes are white color containers. you can also find items from the floor.

You can also try killing other players and expect that they have good weapons and a good quantity of ammo

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