Apex Legends – Guide On How Microtransactions And Unlockables Work

Apex Legends

Apex Legends will be a new free to play battle royale game in the market. it has been created by Developer Respawn Entertainment and Publisher Electronic Arts for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

The game is set in the same universe as the Titanfall and has almost similar gameplay. the players will be able to select different Legend Characters from the roster of eight. each of them has unique abilities and offers a diverse set of gameplay.

Guide On How Microtransactions And Unlockables Work In Apex Legends

As it is a Free to play game, it comes with its own microtransaction and unlockable tiers which players can get by spending money or by grinding the game.

It introduces Apex coins the game’s currency and the Apex Pack the game’s Loot crate which contains different rarity of items. some can be unlocked by grinding and some can only be unlocked with real money.

So below you will find about all the in-game currency like Apex Coins, Scrap Metal, and Legend points and also about the Microtransactions.

Apex Coins

These are the in-game currency which can be used to purchase Apex Packs (Loot Crates), Legends, or use it purchase other custom items. below you will find the how much Apex coins can you get for different amount in USD.

  • $9.99 USD = 1,000 AC
  • $19.99 USD = 2,150 AC
  • $39.99 USD = 4,350 AC
  • $59.99 USD = 6,700 AC
  • $99.99 USD = 11,500 AC
Scrap Metal

You can even purchase custom items without spending real money. to do that you will need to use Scrap Metal which can be obtained from Apex Pack Loot Crates. to get them just grind the game, earn loot crates, and the get Scrap Metal.

Once you have a good amount of Scrap, go to the Armory and select Unlock to spend Scrap Metal to purchase any custom items you want.

Just note that different items have different rarity and different rarity will have a different price.

  • Common = 30 Scrap Metal
  • Rare = 60 Scrap
  • Epic = 400 Scrap
  • Legendary = 12000
Apex Packs

The good thing about the Apex Packs are that they will never drop duplicate cosmetics and you are guaranteed to get one Legendary item for every 30 packs you open. meaning if you do no get Legendary item after opening 29 Loot crates the 30th crate will definitely give you a Legendary.

  • 1 Apex = 100 Apex Coins

Furthermore, you are also guaranteed to get at least 1 Rare item. below you will find the chances of drops for different rarity.

  • Epic – 24.8%
  • Legendary – 7.4%
How To Unlock Caustic And Mirage Legends/ How Legend Points Work

Currently, there are eight different Legends and out of them, 2 are locked. to unlock them without spending any money you will need to grind the game and earn Legend Points which can take up to 15 hours.

But if you do not want to wait and can spend money then you will need to spend $10 for one character. below you can find the price

  • Caustic (Defense Class) – 12,000 Legend Points/ 750 Apex Coins
  • Mirage (Attack Class) – 12,000 Legend Points/ 750 Apex Coins

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