Wargroove – How To Play Co-op With Friends Against Bots/A.I Online


Wargroove is an indie game created by Publisher and Developer Chucklefish. it is a pixel graphics turn-based game where you will choose a commander, create an army using resources and then battle against enemy factions.

The game brings several game modes like Campaign, Puzzle mode, Arcade mode, and an online mode which features multiplayer options. you will also be able to create custom maps, cutscenes and campaigns using the advanced editing tools.

How To Play Co-op With Friends Against Bots/A.I Online In Wargroove

The new turn-based game will feature several characters, missions, abilities, and more to make the game for fun and interesting.

It also comes with several game modes where you can play solo or with your friends. but the only problem with them is that there is no proper instruction on how to create an online game with friends.

So in this guide, you will find step by step method on how to host a game and play with friends against Bots/A.I.

Co-op With Friends Against Bots

To play along with your friends against bots. you will need to complete a series of steps. you can find them all listed below.

First, go to the custom content from the Main Menu and click share.

Then you will find a new screen where you will need to select a map with Co-Op written on its title. these maps are usually edited campaign maps and there is a good number of them.

Before selecting be sure to check for 2P, 3P, or 4P. this indicates how many friendly players you can play on a map.

Now once you have found your desired map, download it and go to the Multiplayer section and select the online option in the main Menu.

Here select the New match, host the game, then select the map(click on the book icon to select the map).

Now just invite your friends to the match by using the invite friends button or by sharing the invite code.

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