Wargroove – How To Charge Groove Quickly For All Commanders


Wargroove is finally available on PC and can be played on Steam. it has been created by Developer and Publisher Chucklefish and will be an indie turn-based multiplayer game where players will fight against other players in a map by creating the battle units.

The game comes with its own campaign mode where young Queen Mercia flee from her kingdom which was attacked and now she must get stronger by gathering allies and reclaim the lands back. you will also find several game modes, 10+ characters, custom map maker tools and more.

Wargroove – How To Charge Groove Quickly For All Commanders

Throughout the game, you will need to use your resources to create new units, commanders, and utilize them along with your strategy to conquer and defeat enemies.

Different units have different stats and commanders even come with their own special abilities known as Groove. it can be healing, damage, creating more units, and more.

So in this guide, you will learn different ways to charge groove and how these methods affect commanders.

Three Ways To Charge Groove

Killing A Unit – you can also get some groove for killing units but you only get it if the last hit of the death is from a Commander.

Attacking/Counter Attacking – attacking or counter-attacking against an enemy can also give you some groove. but remember ranged attacks won’t give you groove charge if they hit you.

End Of Turn – After the end of your turn you passively gain some groove. for this, you just need to play the game.

Below you will find the percentage of Groove a commander earns from different methods and in the Descending order of the speed of recovery.

Charge Speed For Different Characters


  • Kill: 100%
  • Attack/counter-attack: 40%
  • End Of Turn: 20%

Emeric, Mercia, Nuru

  • Kill: 50%
  • Attack/counter-attack: 20%
  • End of Turn: 10%

Caesar, Greenfinger, Ryota, Sigrid, Tenri

  • Kill: 33%
  • Attack/Counterattack: 13%
  • End of Turn: 7%

Koji, Ragna, Dark Mercia, Elodie, Mercival 2

  • Kill: 25%
  • Attack/Counterattack: 10%
  • End of Turn: 5%


  • Kill: 20%
  • Attack/Counterattack: 8%
  • End of Turn: 4%

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