Subnautica Below Zero – Location Of The Cargo Rocket

Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero will be the latest addition to the Subnautica series. it will be the same survival underwater base building game but this time will be played out in the Arctic region.

The story of the game will be played out on Planet 4546B and is set one year after the original game. now you need to Craft tools, scavenge for supplies, and survive the disaster.

Location Of The Cargo Rocket In Subnautica Below Zero

Throughout the progression of the game, you will need to gather different materials and resources from the flora and fauna under the water and then craft survival equipments and items.

This is how your game will start and you will need to keep completing the objectives and missions which you receive and will appear on your HUD.

After making some progress into the game you will receive an objective which will direct you to go towards the Cargo Rocket.

The only problem with this mission is that the marker does not point to the proper location and is just pointing in a direction which is highly confusing.

So Where is The Cargo Rocket?

To get to the Cargo Rocket go to the shore from where you arrived. now from this shore proceed up the slope into the hills and through caves. eventually, you will arrive at an abandoned research station.

Here from this research station go right and up the narrow path and you will find a rocket. this is the cargo rocket you are looking for.

Now you just need to repair the console present on the rocket platform and also repair the cargo rocket with the Repair tool.

Once you do that place the Bioscanner sample on the rocket storage and launch the Rocket from the console panel to complete the mission.

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