Kingdom Hearts 3 – Location Of Dark Inferno Boss/ Get Crystal Regalia

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 follows the plots for KH 3D Dream Drop distance which was released in 2012. the new action role-playing hack and slash has been created by Publisher Square Enix and Developer Square Enix Business Division 3.

In KH 3D Sora almost fell into Xehanort’s control but escaped and he lost most his strength. to regain his strength he ventures into the journey with Donald Duck and Goofy to recover his strength and once again try to stop Xehanort nefarious plans.

Location Of Dark Inferno Boss/ Get Crystal Regalia In Kingdom Hearts 3

Through the game, you will face different types of enemies and bosses. some are easy to fight and some are really tough. but defeating them can give you unique precious materials and items.

The Dark Inferno is one of the many powerful enemies present in the game and defeating him gives you the Crystal Regalia rare item. he cannot be encountered in the story walkthrough, so you need to find him.

Below you will find a guide on the location of Dark Inferno and how to get the Crystal Regalia.

Location of Dark Inferno

To reach this boss you will need to first complete the story of the game. after doing that all the Battlegates will become available in all the worlds.

Now to get to Dark Inferno you will need to travel to the Keyblade Graveyard and look for Battlegate 14. once you find it enter it and the battle with the Dark monster will begin.

The Dark Inferno is a 3-star difficulty enemy so be ready to face a tough fight. his weapons can deal long range damage and has tons of HP which you need to deal with.

To make things even more difficult you will be facing this enemy without any of your friends.

Rewards – Crystal Regalia

Once you defeat this enemy you will receive one of the unique items called the Crystal Regalia. it increases the Strength by 5, Magic by 5, AP by 16 and also gives access to MP Hastega ability which is used to refill MP.

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